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Quick Solution for Unexpected Money Problems

Financial life is a difficult and unexpected issue for many men and women. And when a real financial crisis happens, they become completely helpless and lose the last tranquility. The main reason for such monetary problems is the absence of planning and making budget. They simply have no financial habits to control their spending and make savings. The other problem ...

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Do Discontinued Cars Lose Value Faster?

Discontinued Cars

When a certain make or brand of car is no longer made, do the ones still on the road lose value? It depends on several factors. The housing market crash of 2008 and the recession that followed sent shock waves through the world’s economy. Just about every sector was affected in some way. Apart from housing and construction, no industry ...

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Room by Room: Gathering Extra Cash for Christmas

You may well already have all of your Christmas presents bought, and the cupboards stocked with festive food, but that doesn’t mean the holidays haven’t left you with a Santa-shaped hole in your pocket. Most people could do with a little bit of extra cash around Christmas and in the bleak January that follows. With this in mind, this little ...

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Choosing the Right Mortgage Loan

In Canada, if you plan to purchase a home, more than likely you are interested in learning about the various types of home mortgage loans that are available. A mortgage is nothing more than a loan that uses the home you purchase as collateral. This means if you do not repay the loan as specified in your mortgage agreement, the ...

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Zero-Hour Contracts: Pros and Cons

At the start of the year, newspapers were already warning of the impending spread of zero-hour contracts, referred to by the Daily Mirror as a ‘cancer’ that would spread to 1.5 million workers this year. Zero-hour contracts basically offer work as and when an employer wishes; prospective employees are under no obligation to accept this offer, but if they don’t, the employer ...

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Franchise Financing – Making the Right Choice

At We Can Financial, we want to assist you to make the best and most educated decision when selecting a franchise and the appropriate financing process.  As you are selecting a franchise, understand that experience and knowledge of the business is invaluable in obtaining a small business loan as a financing method.  From start to finish, the criteria can be ...

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7 Golden Rules for Personal Financial Management

Personal Finance Management

Personal financial management is an important part of any person. Mismanagement can lead to debt, bankruptcy and all kinds of a financial rut. So, it’s essential to be in control of the finances. Some may find managing personal finances challenging. But with so many resources now available, you can easily turn around your current financial situation. With simple and practical ...

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