The Amazing World Of Stock Traders – Should You Join Them?

Whoa! I wish I could live that guy’s life. He makes spending money look easy!

Well, when you’ve got thousands to spare, spending really does become easy. It’s so easy, in fact, that buying a new house ora new car won’t be a big deal anymore. Eating out at the most expensive restaurants won’t make you feel so guilty and even buying luxurious things like jewelry and branded goods will feel like a normal everyday thing. Learn more about financial freedom here:

But you have to be born rich in order to live rich, right?

True enough, most of the world’s richest men are born with a silver spoon – actually, make that a golden spoon. And we,laymen, can’t help but envy their good fortune. It makes you think “If I have a rich granddad somewhere just waiting for the right timing to show up, now is probably the time.” But hey, not all of us can have such a fairy tale end and it’s not like all of us want one.

Truth is, there is nothing more satisfying than earning your own wealth (check this out). Sure, getting a huge inheritance from your family or distant relatives can be the best thing ever but it’s harder to appreciate money you haven’t earned yourself. What usually happens is that you’ll be quick to spend that fortune over nothing because you don’t really know how much time and effort was invested into accumulating such wealth. It was just handed down to you for free. It’s hard to value things like that.

Also, just because you didn’t receive a mind-blowing inheritance doesn’t mean you have no right to challenge your own fate. It’s quite the opposite actually. The mere fact that you weren’t born with a gold, silver, or even just a bronze spoon should encourage you to work harder – for yourself and the generations to come. Isn’t it exciting to be in charge of your own fate? Isn’t it more fulfilling to know that you’re not the one inheriting but rather the one to be giving the inheritance? Grab your future by the hand and work your bum off to make your dreams a reality. You’ll enjoy it.

But how do you get there, exactly? How do you go from zero to millionaire?

Well, I’ve got three suggestions for you:

  1. Sell all your organs.
  2. Work 6 full-time jobs for 50 years.
  3. Become a Stock Trader.

Okay, so maybe the first and second options aren’t my best ideas but I am not exaggerating. Your organs are worth a lot so selling them will at least fetch you a million. Too bad you won’t live to see, let alone enjoy it though. If you choose to work your way to becoming a millionaire, then I estimate that it would take you 50 years and six jobs if we are to factor in modern-day average wages. Clearly, option one and two are out of the question basically because they defeat the whole purpose of why you’re trying to be rich in the first place.

The third option, however, is more viable.

If you have the knowledge, skills, and guts to join stock trading, then it’s going to be your one-way ticket to success – express, at that. Even if you don’t have all these things, you can learn them as you go along. Luckily, there are many programs and trading software online that can help you make better trading decisions. You can be a complete and still trade like a pro so to speak. To know which trades are good to start with, you can check out sites like Trading Review today.

I’m sure you have some friends that, for reasons you don’t know, suddenly rose and claimed a pass to the A-league. Well, why not ask them their secret? For all you know, these friends of yours took the plunge into the world of stock trading and came out victorious.

Take baby steps; I’m not suggesting you should quit everything you do and just invest every cent you have in stock trading. Just test the waters; get the feel of it. Becoming a stock trader is not a decision you can make overnight. Take things slow and learn something new about it every day. You’ll know when you’re ready.

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