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Technology Trends Entrepreneurs Must Follow in 2020

Technology Trends

Whether God is omnipresent or not is debatable. But when it comes to the ubiquity of technology, there’s little debate. From espresso machines to public WiFi, technology is everywhere and dominates all walks of life. Business and marketing are not outside its ever-increasing presence. Almost all businesses – from large corporations to small enterprises – are leveraging technology to maximize ...

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5 Golden Tax Saving Tips That Industry Pundits Recommend For 2020

Tax saving schemes are easily accessible in the financial market. However, opting for the best options can be a tricky task. It is essential to keep in mind that even though various options are easily available online, investors can be prone to pitfalls if they decide to invest in poor-performing funds. An inefficient tax saving investment plan can severely affect ...

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6 Tips for Saving Money on Health Insurance

Saving Money on Health Insurance

We all know that health insurance is important, especially amid rising medical treatment costs both in and outside of the US. Health insurance premiums can significantly weigh on the budget, though. So, how can you save money on health insurance without sacrificing on coverage quality? To help, this article sponsored by international health insurance brokerage Pacific Prime offers the below ...

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Loan Apps: Applying for Personal Loans Simplified in 2020

Applying for Personal Loans

A few years ago, applying for a personal loan was a cumbersome process. One had to visit the lender’s office, fill out an application form, submit physical copies of KYC documents, bank statement, sign the forms and wait for weeks to get loan approval. However, in today’s times of digital advancement, getting a personal loan has now simple; you don’t ...

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How to Check your Personal Loan Status? Everything you Need to Know


Personal loans are unsecured loans that are granted by banks and other financial institutions to prospective and eligible borrowers agreeing to repay the financial assistance within a specifically defined period of time. Individuals who have applied for a personal loan are oftentimes in a constant state of doubt and panic regarding the status of their loan application. Here are a ...

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7 Simple Tips To Help Yourself Out Of Debt

Out Of Debt

Debt can be a difficult part of life that you have to overcome. Whether it be from various loan deadlines that are approaching, your student loans from when you took college, or even borrowing money from a friend or family member, debt is the monster under many adult’s lives. But how exactly do you go about helping yourself if you’ve ...

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Why Small Businesses Need Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation Strategy

We live in the era of everything going viral and digital, and all changes that are about to happen should make our lives. If you’re an entrepreneur or a company owner, you should be aware that it’s about time to apply a digital transformation strategy to your small business. You must understand what it means and what it can do ...

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