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Outsourcing Insurance Verification

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Insurance Verification Services?

It is a very time-intensive and daunting task for healthcare practitioners to focus on clinical and non-medical obligations parallelly. Therefore, outsourcing insurance verification services is the right option for physicians and other medical care providers. If your administration is not efficient at insurance eligibility verification then it could lead to costly denials, aging AR and reduced pay-outs. Poor administration systems ...

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Money Management Mistakes

5 Money Management Mistakes You Should Avoid

Money management tips are dime a dozen. Search on Google with the keyword “money management” and see how many results instantly pop up. With so many tips out there, why do people struggle with managing money? In this article, I’ll explain why. If you have failed to manage money in the past and never really figured out what you did ...

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Investments Expectations and Reality

Investments: Expectations vs. Reality

Since there is this sharp distinction, investments are probably somewhere in the grey area, subject to a lot of misunderstandings. In this article, we are going to explain several myths people believe regarding investments. But before we delve into the “Instagram vs. reality” division, let’s see what falls under investments. We have turned to the investment master, Mr. Phil Town, ...

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