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If you have liked the articles posted here, I believe you will be interested to hire me for your content writing and marketing campaign for your financial service/website.

By publishing high-quality content on your website regularly will increase your exposure in search engines like Google to help more of your target audience find your website.

With more than 10 years of blogging experiences now I am looking forward to help businesses in creating quality content on any financial topic. All the content will be developed targeting your audience but with a well optimized manner, so that it will also serve its purpose in boosting the online presence of your website.

Web Content Writing Service

For any such opportunity, feel free reach me at james@basicfinancecare.com with your offer.

I am available for any short-term contract for a single article to long-term projects on ongoing articles on regular basis.


Every website requires high quality content to best represent their services. Content writing and outreach is an highly important part of any online marketing strategy. That’s why you’ll get articles that are optimized for both search engines and your visitors.

We are a team of professional writers and will thoroughly research your website’s audience and services to develop tailor content that will tell your unique story to your readers. We will also analyze your competitors, their weaknesses and work on your content accordingly to get the benefit form our finds. Using best keywords and phrases for SEO optimization, we will attract traffic to your content in different search engines  at a affordable price.