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Hello and Welcome to My Finance Blog

I understand you have a question; what you imagine; I see you’re unsure who I am. 

You have doubts about what qualifies me to write down this blog? Why another personal financial blog?

My name is James Paul, father to three girls. We have recently moved to NC . I founded this personal finance blog.

I have spent many of my early years learning and understand the way of life that only has wheels of money. Now when I feel good enough to share my thoughts, I want to do some awareness through this finance blog. Here I want to offer free stuff of vital information for all people suffering from money mismanagement and debt.

By profession, I’m a financial blogger for last 8 years by profession and enjoy writing and discussing about personal finance issues and impact of money on the financial life of individuals. 

This blog is all about money and life. The content is truly based on quality measures, and the purpose is to offer a solution for a financial situation that causes life miserable.

I planned my finance blog in 2011 while searching for some answers to a financial situation. Initially, I kept it going as a hobby. Throughout my life, I have shared money-saving tips with friends and dear ones. I thought, why not learn how to build a personal finance blog and share unique money management tips with the world.

There will be articles on personal finance, from online banking to budgeting, passive income, lending to mortgage, and investment to insurance to money-saving tips. My articles will provide you guidance on your personal finance and money management, ensuring you get great value for every dollar. I write about anything from a retirement plan to an investment. I also write about money-making tips; if you can have a healthy relationship with money, you are financially secure. Stick around here and check the articles. 

For comment or feedback, please do not hesitate to drop me a mail at james@basicfinancecare.com.

Do not forget to comment on one of the posts. I will be happy to help you anyway.

Thank you for stopping by.

James Paul


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