How to Make $1000 Fast Without a Job?

When we search in Google that how to make money easily without a job, there is urgency in it, it can be because of an emergency like paying the bills or something terrible than that or it can be something you liked and want to buy it ASAP.

Well, hold on to that thought, there are ways to earn money faster and legally without having a job. Let me explain those to you.

Arrange a Garage sale:

There are unused things on your desk or in your wardrobe. You can make them useful giving it to others. You can arrange a garage sale and sell your stuff to them.

Otherwise, you can post those items as an ad in or Amazon or related website to let buyers approach you for the items. Thus you can arrange a lump sum amount of money.

Drive an Uber:

If you hold a valid driving license, you can earn money so easily by enrolling yourself as a driver in Uber. A lot of people using app cabs daily, driving one can help you in making money faster. Even driving an Uber will not be boring as you get to introduce to a lot of people and have a conversation with them.

As a bonus tip, try driving Uber when it’s a peak time, like at the weekend, or when there is a soccer match is happening.

Rent your Car:

If you do not have the time to drive an Uber what you can do is to rent your car to a company like Uber or other app cabs. The rent would fix considering your car, and within one week or less, you can earn 1000$ easily. Renting your car would be expensed free.

Participate in Surveys:

Pop-ups can be irritating when you are surfing the internet, but not all pop-ups are spams. Many companies do market research through these pop-ups, and filling out these surveys can make you earn money.

Even, signing up into these accounts can also make you earn a couple of dollars free.

Hosting Tourists:

Got a spare room? Think no more. Just sign up in Airbnb and do a listing of your room and host tourists. If your home is in a busy place, you can earn 1000$ in less than a week.

If you do not have a room, don’t be heartbroken. Airbnb lets you enroll yourself as a guide, and thus you can take the guests to the nearby museums, or you can organize guided trekking or hike for them, you will get paid for providing the service.


Bloggers earn a lot of money; you can start writing blogs; it can take some time to approach the right audience, so here’s what you can do. You can start freelance writing for companies, and they will pay you.  You will not require any special degree in English for doing so. All you need to do is to write and easily which would help readers to understand the thing correctly.

Provide Tuitions:

Spread wisdom, and earn money. Providing tuition is an excellent way of earning money, the best thing is that you can teach your favorite subject and as well as you get to choose your own time to teach. You will be responsible for your schedule. You can earn money per hour while teaching.

Be a Physical Trainer

Are you into fitness? If you are well aware of maintaining a proper diet and staying fit, then you can become a fitness trainer and help others, as well as you will be capable of earning a huge amount of money.

Help your Neighbor

Being responsible is a humble thing, but who thought it could make you money? You can lend your helping hands to someone in need, and thus you can get paid.

Are you good with kids? You can become a baby sitter and earn money per hour.

You can go for options like helping in the nearby store, helping your neighbor to paint their house or mow their garden. Find people in need of help for doing these household works, help them and help yourself too.


Not only writing blogs but also you can freelance in many other ways. There are so many companies who hire freelancers. Innumerable options are there, from bookkeeping to managing social sites or creating or designing a website, you need to find your skill and start utilizing it. Be aware of the fact that doesn’t let your hard work get sold for pennies, and you need to understand the market and thus have to set the percentage of the amount you are going to get.


Do you have the talent to draw the attention of the crowd? You can utilize it.

If you know tricks, then you can perform a magic show, many event organizers search for a magician for a birthday or other kind of parties, you can earn a lot of amount by doing this.

Other than that if you can dance or play some instrument or you can sing then you can even perform on the streets. However, you need to find the right place, if you are performing on a busy road during the time of office, you cannot earn much money, because the people will not be able to stand and watch. To find the right place and give it a go.

Earning 1000$ faster is not as hard as it sounds. Well, I hope these techniques will help you make money faster. Just remember one simple thing that won’t be in this kind of situation where you are not left with any caution money, so start saving. Have a budget, and you will not be stressed anymore by sticking to it.

This is a contribution from Jason Mandy, personal financial adviser along with the owner and writer of

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