Three Occupations That You Could Turn into Hugely Profitable Businesses

Finding a profitable career that you’re proud of is no small feat and, for many of us, our vocations tend to not fulfil us in the way that they really should. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. We all dream of running our own successful business and feeling good about what we do, but few people truly believe that they can do this. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some fairly lucrative trades that could give you an opportunity to run the profitable business that you’ve always dreamt of.


Plumbing is one of those trades that many people are glad they decided to go into due to its traditionally fantastic rate of pay. While it may not be the most glamourous line of work in the world, plumbing is a highly skilled profession that people can make a superb living from. Since plumbers can make a lot of money from their craft, plumbing businesses can make a tremendous profit by working all over their local region. Due to the nature of the work and the constant high demand for plumbers, plumbing work usually commands quite a heavy cost, which is great for plumbing businesses.

There will always be somebody who’s got problems with their plumbing, so there should never be a shortage of work in this profession. Even if you’ve got no actual plumbing experience yourself, there is no reason why you can’t get into this line of work and set up your own plumbing business. As long as you can find skilled plumbers to work for you, you can start taking jobs and earning serious profit from the world of plumbing. While your expenses will include employing skilled plumbers, as well as purchasing and insuring vans for your employees, as soon as you start taking financially rewarding jobs, the money that can be made from plumbing is fantastic.

Delivery Service

When people traditionally think of delivery companies, they think about firms such as UPS and DHL that deliver packages to customers all over the world. However, it’s very easy to underestimate how useful and convenient a local courier service can be. Since major delivery companies have to deliver parcels all day every day, they often offer no flexibility when it comes to delivery times.

That’s where you come in. By setting up your own local courier service, you can offer deliveries to people in the local area at a time that suits them, and you can make serious money by delivering to people all over the region. By offering a more flexible and reliable delivery option than what you get from major delivery services, you can become people’s most trusted method of getting their packages delivered. To run this kind of business, you are going to need to get insurance cover for your courier service so that your delivery service is covered in the event that your business’ vans or packages are damaged or stolen. However, once you get this kind of business up and running, the money that can be made from the courier industry could be extremely lucrative for you.

Cleaning Service

If you’re somebody that gets a real rush from cleaning until you can clean no more, then offering a cleaning service to people could be a cost-effective business idea that turns out to be very financially rewarding in the long run. You’d be surprised at just how many people require external cleaning services for their home due to the fact that they neglect certain elements of their cleaning responsibilities, leaving the door open for cleaning companies to make good money from cleaning other people’s property.

While great money can be made from cleaning people’s houses, commercial cleaning is also a crucial service that is required by almost any business operating out of an office. By offering both residential and commercial cleaning services, you could begin to make a fortune simply through fixing-up other people’s property. One big advantage of starting a cleaning business is that the set up costs are so minimal. Effectively, all you need to start your own cleaning company are cleaning supplies and then you can start contacting potential clients through whatever means necessary.

If you’re looking for a brand-new opportunity in life, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider a complete career change in order to do something much more fulfilling and satisfying. Not only that, but starting a new business can turn out to be a hugely profitable decision, despite the obvious risks that it involves. For more useful tips on how you can improve you or your business’ finances, you may want to check out

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