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Is Subprime Auto Loan a Harbinger of a Financial Crisis?

Auto Loan

My previous article was on a subprime mortgage. In that article, I very briefly talked about deep subprime loans in the automobile industry and how it could trigger a crisis. Later, I felt this topic requires an elaborate discussion and decided to churn out a new article focused exclusively on it. So in this article, I am going to discuss ...

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Steps to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

Debts like credit cards and other consumer debts are wretched parts of the American households. Credit card companies put up attractive ads that promise to shower all sorts of freebies to their customers. According to the Federal Reserve, nearly 58% of the common people have outstanding credit card balance. This shows that people need to start taking steps to get ...

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5 Financial Tips For New College Students

For the millions of Americans who start college every fall, college can be an exciting time. However, the reality is that college, for many Americans, can also be a very expensive time. With most college grads accumulating an average of $30,000 in debt, college freshman could benefit from some helpful financial advice. 1) Understand Your Financing Options Most students today ...

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4 Stock Market Trading Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Stock Trading

Everything is getting costly these days. Housing, grocery, mobile, the Internet; all seem to be more expensive than before. On the bright side, several money-making avenues have opened up, allowing people to earn extra. It’s better to earn extra than to spend like a miser and cut expenses on grocery, broadband, and mobile phones. But diversifying the income stream is ...

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Benefits of Re-mortgaging Your Home

Your mortgage is more than likely to be the biggest single expense in your household budget and one that has to be paid for anywhere up to 25 years, sometimes more. Why remortgage? With the pressure on household finances continuing it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal on your mortgage. You could benefit from shaving ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Checking Account

Checking Account

Checking account is held for transaction purposes and the financial institution in which it is created allows you to deposit and withdraw money. Money in checking account features liquidity and can be taken off by writing checks or via automated cash machines, electronic debts or other methods. Checking account is one of the many types of accounts that you can ...

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Smart Ways to Develop Healthy Money Saving Habits

Money Saving

People do fall into different sections of their lives when they realize that they had made a rough scale to put money under wrong projection. They tell themselves that they’ll start saving money once they reach a certain milestone. However, since saving money isn’t a matter of math rather a matter of priorities; either your kids move out, or you ...

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