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European Stocks Posts a Rosy Picture

European stock exchange touched a record high in five years. According to a report, there has been some good improvement in the level of consumers’ confidence – at least, more than what the economists forecasted. It is also a rosy time for the European carmakers that are enjoying a record rise since 2007. Sale of vehicle shoot up in the ...

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Household Saving Tips – Personal Finance Basics

Finally got time to analyze how you spend your hard-earned dollars? You may soon discover that household expenses are eating up the larger pie of your monthly earning. The appliances that make your life more comfortable don’t come easy on pocket. Just consider how much money you pay for your energy bill. If that could have been saved, it would ...

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What You Should Know About Energy Performance Certificates?

Energy performance certificates or EPC have been a legal necessity whenever a house is built, sold or rented. EPC’s are rated from A to G where homes with ‘A’ rating are considered highly efficient while homes with ‘G’ rating are considered least energy efficient. Energy performance certificates are issued by Accredited Energy Assessors. They also issue a detailed report of ...

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The Dangers of Parent College Loan

College costs are high, and students often find that their grant and loan money doesn’t go far enough.  So many parents take out PLUS loans to make up the difference.  At the time it seems like a good investment in the future.  But there are serious downsides to PLUS loans that parents should be aware of. What Is A PLUS ...

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A Healthy staff is a Productive Staff

The challenge of working abroad has many facets; language and culture, work conditions, schooling if taking a family, and health personal and for family members. A  UK resident usually has all the various policies in place to cover life in general but the situation changes for anyone spending periods abroad even if it does not involve residence overseas. Someone with ...

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Find The Best Mortgage Advice


Mortgages are essential for people who need financial assistance for things like buying or building a house or buying a car. By choosing the right mortgage you can not only get the right financial assistance, you can also pay off the debt easily. You must be equipped with a lot of information about available mortgage products to make up your ...

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