Investment Planning

Investments Expectations and Reality

Investments: Expectations vs. Reality

Since there is this sharp distinction, investments are probably somewhere in the grey area, subject to a lot of misunderstandings. In this article, we are going to explain several myths people believe regarding investments. But before we delve into the “Instagram vs. reality” division, let’s see what falls under investments. We have turned to the investment master, Mr. Phil Town, ...

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The Price Of Gold

Coronavirus & Its Effect On The Price Of Gold

For a long time, gold has been considered as a kind of safe-haven for investors, often been thought of as a hedge against inflation, and with the current COVID-19 pandemic, many gold investors are happy. There has been an unprecedented situation throughout the world, which has seen economies and currencies become incredibly volatile, and many companies are facing collapse with ...

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ESG Investing

ESG Investing Is Not a Fad — This Is Why

One of the hottest topics talked about in corporate board rooms and among institutional investors is ESG investing — that is, investing in stocks with positive environmental, social and governance profiles. ESG is much more than mere talk, however. A recent study from the Callan Institute revealed that the use of ESG factors in investment decision-making doubled to 42 percent ...

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