Why People Are Investing In Gold

There are many different websites on the net which are reputable and informative when it comes to the subject of investing. If you are looking for a new investment opportunity, then many of these websites are looking at what the big players are doing when it comes to offering their readers advice. Many of the leading investors around the world are strengthening their portfolios by investing heavily in gold.

Investment Methods

There are multiple ways that you can invest on gold and one of the preferred methods is by direct ownership, where you have physical gold that requires storing. For this type of investment take a look at the website http://citygoldbullion.com.au/, where you can see the latest price for gold, as well as lots of relevant information about the subject.

You can also invest in Gold Exchange Traded Funds, which is a type of mutual fund that is also traded on the stock market. Another popular investment vehicle is Mutual Funds. These funds are investments in companies that mine the gold, and they have stable projections for their productivity levels each year. For a lot of investors, this is a steadier approach. For the more advance investors, you can also choose the Options and Futures markets, but you should only do this if you have experience and know what you are doing. Otherwise, get yourself a broker!

Why Invest In Gold?

The price of gold fell and has been stable since reaching the dizzying heights of 2011. So, you may ask if investing in gold is a good idea. The short answer is yes, it is. The main reason that these investors are excited about gold and having large percentages of their investment portfolios made up of gold is the uncertainty of our modern world. Investing in gold is an excellent way to protect your portfolio from unstable world financial markets, as well as unknown political turmoil.

Who Is Investing?

One of the most well-known players that is getting their fingers covered in gold is George Soros, who was made famous by breaking the Bank Of England back in the 1990’s. George has had massive returns for his investors over the years, and his Quantum Fund gave a return of 3,365% to investors in 11 years.

George has invested in gold by buying a $264 million-dollar stake in the company Barrick Gold, which is the largest mining company in the world, and his fund’s second largest investment in their portfolio. George further diversified his gold investment by purchasing on the SPDR Gold Trust, over 1 million options contracts. As well as George, there are other people such as David Einhorn, Carl Icahn, John Paulson, and Paul Singer.

With plenty of larger investors looking into gold to increase and strengthen their portfolios, take a leaf out of their book and why not do the same? For the small and the large investors alike, gold is an interesting investment that can help to safeguard your portfolio and spread your exposure to risk.

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