20 Money-Saving Hacks for Parents

Being a parent is not only difficult, but it’s also expensive. You must always focus on how to save money and try to adapt to a reasonable lifestyle.

Saving money is not all that difficult if you think wisely before spending.

You can save a huge amount by the end of the year if you follow these 20 hacks for saving money regardless of the number of children you have:

Daily Necessities

Families spend a huge amount on groceries and other daily commodities, most of which are impulsive and unnecessary. Use these tips next time you think of going grocery shopping:

1. Look for Discount Offers and Sales at Super Shops

Grocery stores can be an impulse buyer’s paradise. So, make sure to buy items which are on sale. That way, you can save up to 20% on daily commodities.

Plan ahead on what you need for a week and buy only those items. This way, you’ll eat fresh plus save money on the things that you’d probably never eat.

2. Collect Discount Coupons for Everyday Items

Newspapers and magazines often come with discount coupons on household items. Always collect them and use them while making a purchase.

3. Cook at Home Instead of Ordering from Outside

Eating at home is always less expensive and much healthier than eating out. You might think the cost is not too much, but you’re wrong.Even if you spend 10 dollars on food every day, it adds up to 300 dollars a month.

That too, only for one person. In a big family, the cost is much higher. Whereas, if you cook at home, you can do it for half the price.

4. Shop Online Instead of Going to Departmental Stores

Ever visited a departmental store and came home buying things you’d never need? Yeah, that happens to most of us.

The main reason behind this is not knowing how much all those dollar 2-3 products will add up to by the time you reach the checkout counter.

That’s why it’s wiser to order online so that you know how much you’re actually spending and can cut costs easily.

Gifts and Presents

Every time you try to save money, you’ll realize one of your kid’s friends have a birthday party. Use these simple ideas and your kids won’t have to miss out on the fun:

5. Buy Gifts on Sale in Advance

Birthdays come every year and are unavoidable, so buy gifts in advance for the close ones at a cheaper price during off season.

Stock up gift items during the January sale or during holiday seasons when every other store offer discounts.

Then again, just because you’re getting them for cheaper, don’t buy too many items. That way it won’t serve its purpose. Give yourself a maximum budget and then shop.

6. Ask Your Kids to Make Handmade Cards

Stop buying expensive birthday or Christmas cards from gift stores. Let your child be creative and make a card for the occasion. This will add a sentimental value to it as well as save you some extra bucks.

7. Save Gift Wraps for Re-Use or Opt for Solid Colors

Next time you get gifts nicely wrapped in colorful papers, don’t throw them away. Unwrap the gifts carefully and reuse them later.

You can also opt for buying solid colored papers instead of the patterned ones to save money.

Kids’ Shopping

Clothes and toys are most essential for your kids. Be smart by investing in them the right way. Use these ideas while considering shopping for your kids next time:

8. Shop for Clothes during off Season

Invest in summer clothing during winter and vice versa. Buying clothes can be expensive. If you shop during off season then you’ll get the same outfits at a discounted rate.

So, by the end of the year, you’ll be able to cut a significant amount of cost on your kids’ clothing.

9. Become a Member of Toy Libraries

These are apparently libraries who’ll lend you toys at a much lower cost. Children usually don’t like playing with the same toy for more than a week.

Borrowing from these libraries will help them experience many toys and will give them a sense of responsibility. They’ll know how to treat their toys properly because it needs to be returned again.

10. Make Your Kids Wear Your Baby Clothes

The best way to cut down on cost after you have a baby is to reuse your own baby clothes. I am sure most of our mothers save our cute outfits safely kept in the closet.

So, take them out, give it a fine wash and put it on your baby. Save money while making recreating memories.

Holidays and Vacations

Planning holidays can be stressful if there is a budget constraint. Next time you plan a vacation, try these tricks to save your valuable money:

11. Invest in Cheap Hotels

Hotels charges can add up to your travel costs to a huge amount. Instead of wasting dollars on expensive hotels, look for cheaper accommodations.

During vacations, people mostly stay outdoors. So, spending an outrageous amount on 5-star hotels is a total waste of your hard earned money.

12. Travel During off Season

Flying is not always expensive. Make travel plans on weekdays rather than weekends.

Flight charges on Wednesdays are usually cheaper compared to Thursdays or Sundays. You’ll get the hotels at a cheaper rate too.

13. Plan Your Holidays Ahead in Time

If you book your tickets the day before you want to travel, the cost will be significantly higher than booking them at least a week or two in advance.

Keep in mind the academic calendar of your child and plan trips ahead in time. This way you know exactly what to do and can save a lot on family vacations.


Your kids would want to be more outgoing and social at this age. The extra expenses can soon get out of hand if you don’t measure costs. You can try the following tips to cut costs:

14. Family Dates

Take your kid out for picnics. You can also take them out for a drive on a Sunday afternoon. You can go fishing or try out other inexpensive ways to spend the day together while still contributing to their mental health.

A day should be memorable, not expensive. They can experience the nicer things in life if you take them out more often and plan the outings according to what they would enjoy.

15. Look For Free Play Zones and Activities

Visit restaurants that offer a free play zone for kids or that offer discounts on the kid’s menu. That way your kid can enjoy playtime without costing you a fortune.

Also, there are many libraries that offer storytelling sessions for free. Sign your kid up for one and let their imagination grow.

16. Save on Babysitting Costs

There are many local churches available along with community centers where parents agree to help each other to babysit for free.

If there isn’t any such service available then approach other parents and share the idea of starting such a group to help each other.

Budget Plan

A family cannot run without an aforethought budget. Next time you create one, keep these following things in mind:

17. Maintain a Monthly Budget Plan

Always make a budget for the expected costs in the following month. If you don’t plan ahead, then you won’t know where to be cost-effective.

Phone bills can get really expensive, so you must check where to spend money and where not to. Allocate money for specific things at the beginning of the month.

18. Cut Down on Unnecessary Bills

Almost everything is available on the internet nowadays. If you and your family don’t watch TV regularly, then cut the cable.

Get a Netflix connection or other internet providers for your kids to watch cartoons programs at a comparatively lower cost.

19. Minimize the Water Bill

Water cost can take a toll on your monthly expense at the end of the month. Teach your children to turn the tap off while brushing their teeth and to save water.

Sometimes it’s the little things that add up to a frustrating amount of to-be paid money.

20. Save Money on Car Insurance

Pay lower rate on insurance for inexpensive cars by listing them under the teen driver’s list. Claim them to be driven occasionally.


If you follow the aforementioned hacks then you’re most likely to save hundreds of dollars and can spend it later for something useful.

Parenting can be already costly enough, so you must try to save as much as possible for the future.

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