When You Have a Degree You Earn More: Here’s Why

One of the reasons we’re often told that going to college and earning a degree is a good idea is that it means you can get a job that brings in a higher income once you graduate. This is, for the most part, very true – with a degree you can certainly earn more, and depending on which sector you go into, this can be a significant amount more than someone without a degree.

Although we can see that once you have a degree you can earn more money, what is the reason behind this? Read on to find out just why a degree can help you to become significantly more wealthy.


Having a degree is something that many employers want from their employees because it shows a certain level of expertise. If you have spent two, three, four years or even longer working on New England College business degrees, you are bound to have a lot more knowledge in the subject than someone who has not done this. An employer won’t have to spend any time or money training you since you already know what to do and you have a greater overall understanding of the job you need to do, so you will be a better hire for them.

With the amount of expertise you will earn when working for your degree, you can start at a higher level than those who don’t have the knowledge and have to start on the bottom rung of the career ladder. Again, this means you can start earning more immediately.


There is a fear, when someone is hired, that they might decide they don’t like the position they are working in and they decide to leave and look elsewhere for work. If this is due to the company itself, then this is something that can be changed by the employer once they get some feedback on the issue. If it’s due to generally not enjoying the work, this is more of a problem – the employer won’t be able to change anything, and will lose an employee. This is costly and time consuming.

Someone who has a degree will already be extremely dedicated to the sector they are planning to work in. They will have spent a lot of time learning as much as they possibly can about it, and if they realized they didn’t like what they were doing, they would have changed disciplines a long time before they started applying for jobs.

An employer will quickly and easily be able to see that someone enjoys the sector they are working in and understands about it when hiring them if they have a degree that relates to it.

Additional Skills

When you have a degree you know a lot about the subject you studied. However, you also learn a lot more than ‘just’ the degree subject; you learn a lot of life skills at the same time. From time management to research and much more, a college degree gives you everything you need to be successful in your career, no matter which direction you choose to go in.

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