What Is The Difference Between Quickbooks Hosting And Quickbooks Online?

The history of QuickBooks begins with a popular accounting software program first developed by the American company, Intuit. Originally released in 1984, the original version was designed for DOS systems to help small business owners track their expenses and income. The company was founded by an accountant who wanted to help his clients manage their bookkeeping. The program was adopted quickly by accountants and business owners because it was easy to use. QuickBooks is now the most widely used accounting software in the world with over 26 million users.

Early versions of the software were only available on floppy disks, but now the software is available across many different platforms. There are two main options for using QuickBooks: Hosting and Online.

What is QuickBooks Hosting?

If your company needs to access QuickBooks data remotely, there are two options to consider. QuickBooks Hosting is an option if you want to keep the software installed on your own computer.

Many business owners are looking for accounting software that is easy to use. QuickBooks Hosting is a service that provides the same features as the online version, but it is hosted by a third party. With QuickBooks hosting solutions, you can access your company’s data from anywhere, anytime; there’s no need to worry about server downtimes or disruptions in service.

What is QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online is the online version of business accounting software. It has all of the features of QuickBooks Pro or Premier, but it does not require installing software on your computer. The service is accessed through your web browser and can be used on any device, including your laptop, tablet, or phone.

QuickBooks Online is a popular cloud-based accounting software for businesses of all sizes that need to track their finances. It provides the tools to create financial reports, manage your customers, and pay vendors electronically. Its web-based interface offers the ability to access your business information from anywhere, at any time. Know more about online bookkeeping services.

QuickBooks Online Vs. QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting system that allows you to access your data from anywhere with an Internet connection. This includes mobile devices, desktops, and other websites. The software constantly updates automatically in the background, so there is no need for manual updates. QuickBooks Hosting requires an IT department to set up the software on a company’s server or in the cloud. This means it cannot be accessed from any other devices or sites.

QuickBooks Hosting and QuickBooks Online are two different services but they are similar in certain ways. For starters, both offer the same set of features in terms of QuickBooks. They both offer all the features that you would need in order to manage your finances. QuickBooks Online is hosted on Intuit’s servers. Whenever you use the product, you’re using Intuit’s servers. The QuickBooks service is the same thing as hosting your own site with a domain name. QuickBooks Hosting is an easy way to get a domain name for your company. It’s like having a free website hosted by Intuit. The key difference between QuickBooks hosting and QuickBooks Online:


QuickBooks hosting offers you the relief of not having to monitor the IT infrastructure, or take it for granted that there is always an engineer on-call. This role is handled by the hosting providers, which eliminates the need to hire a costly on-site IT team or to be on a monthly rotation with a third-party remote service engineer. Furthermore, the hosting providers offer more features and higher security than what you would have if your QuickBooks accounting software was going through a third-party remote service provider. The hosting provider can also help you with other IT needs, such as QuickBooks-specific training, as well as automated backups and less downtime. There are also a number of integrations that you can leverage to automate and simplify daily tasks, such as integration with QuickBooks Online.


QuickBooks is an important program for small business owners and entrepreneurs, but the pricing for it isn’t always affordable. This is why QuickBooks offers two tiers of hosting: QuickBooks Hosting and QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Hosting is a newer option, and it is more expensive than QuickBooks Online. The monthly hosting fee for Hosting is $35 per month. The monthly hosting fee for QuickBooks Online is $164. If you’re new to the world of business and don’t plan on accessing QuickBooks on the go, then QuickBooks Online will be more than sufficient.


QuickBooks Hosting is a more secure option for storing your data, in comparison to QuickBooks Online. This is because data is hosted with a third-party company in a centralized location, rather than a third-party hosting company in a server farm in a remote location. With QuickBooks Hosting, your data is handled by the hosting company, thus reducing the risk of being hacked by a hacker. In conclusion, QuickBooks Desktop Hosting services is a more secure option for storing your data as the data is hosted with a third-party company in a centralized location.

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