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10 Ways to Stay On Top of Your Finances in 2013

With January almost at its end, it’s important to think about how far you’ve managed to get with your financial organisation for 2013; you may still be trying to clear off Christmas debts, or you may be looking to budget for the next few months in order to afford a holiday, or put some money aside. What are some of ...

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How Do Contractors Get Paid?

As a freelancer, the last thing you want are financial woes or tax problems; and you most definitely do not want the taxman chasing you down for outstanding payments. It is possible to work solo and avoid the above scenarios. How we hear you say? Well by employing good bookkeeping practices, of course. And one of the best ways to ...

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How to Prepare Monthly Budget Effectively?

Psychology of Budgeting

Oh, my god! Is it necessary to plan a budget? This is the first reaction from the majority of the people. Shiver courses down through the spine at the very utterance of ‘budget’. In reality, the budget is a structured format of your weekly/monthly/annual expenses. You can keep track of where your money goes and distributes your earning in the ...

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Top 6 Tips While Negotiating a Lease Buyout

Car loans with both damaged credit and bad credit are available nowadays in which you can get the loan even if you are having a bad credit. The people seeking for the repair bad credits with the car loans can get help here. You can even lower the monthly payment of your car to save much more over the auto ...

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Straightforward Tips on Using Cash Advance Loans. Find How to Apply for Low Interest Cash Advance Loans.

Cash Advance Loans

Cash advance loans can be very helpful in times of financial struggle, but they can also cause havoc if they are not used prudently. Overcoming financial problems is essential to maintain a debt free lifestyle. In general, cash advance loans are very essential in so many ways. However, borrowers should never make them their first option and always their last. ...

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Living Longer than Expected and the Presidential Election

It can be a good quandary. Someone buys life insurance in case something unforeseen happens, or the inevitable and their heirs are left with a valuable asset. In today’s trying economic times, and as people live longer than previously expected, a life settlement may become the best choice for someone to live an independent lifestyle in their golden years. Life ...

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