Online Money Transfers – Making Life Easy

When was the last time you visited a bank? Or deposited a check? Or even visited the nearest ATM for money withdrawal? It is surprising that how with the advancement of digital technology, our need for traditional banking facilities has reduced drastically over time. And it’s probably for the good?

Online banking does offer an uncontrollable convenience, which has actually made our lives much simpler and stress-free than ever before. Imagine getting off the couch on your weekly off, travel some god for sake kilometers to visit your bank branch, and deposit a minuscule amount and go through all that hassle for peanuts. It is only worthwhile when either you have millions of dollars in your bank account already, or you are about to deposit a million dollars into somebody’s bank account at least! In short, online money transfers are the epitome of truly advanced and digitized technology that is ruling the traditional and current banking system all over the world. And why mustn’t we exploit it?!

Online money transfer systems have opened its doors for mind-boggled people like us who either do not understand the technicalities of complex banking systems or simply just don’t have the time to visit a bank every now and then.

And why you must opt for online money transfers? You will find the answers right below.


Shopping here refers to e-commerce. And online money transfers have successfully helped thee-commerce industry grow while acquainting consumers more with e-business and realize the online shopping and purchasing power. The online banking system has made it more than easy for us to purchase whatever we like from wherever we want, just by filling in some basic details, personal information, and your Social Security Number.

Also, online transactions on e-commerce website are completely safe and genuine, so your money is protected at all times. Most people love shopping online since online money transfers and banking system has made it so much easy for us!


Unlike the traditional way of signing a check and authorizing the other party to withdraw funds from your account on the basis of that check, e-checks again make you go online and do the same thing, but paperless!

In case you wish to generate a check for someone, you can just visit your bank’s website, input the payee’s name, account name and number and the money will be transferred to the other without you having to blink an eye! In other words, a check is now generated online which saves people the hassle of visiting the bank and having to go through the time-consuming procedures of depositing and authorizing the check.

Mobile transfers

This is one such online money transfer system that does not involve credit/debit cards, checks or any other form of traditional banking facility. Any online purchases or transaction details are sent directly to the customer’s mobile phone and the amount for which is also added to the monthly mobile bill payment of the customer. That’s cool, isn’t it?

The mobile payment system has become quite popular and common as everything becomes just a button away, right from receiving/sending money to paying off your bills and other charges. Thanks to the efficiency of communications technology and cellphone service carriers that have made it possible to transfer money solely through an SMS on our mobile phones and the added convenience of receiving online purchases and charges in the form of your mobile phone bill.

Email money transfer

Email money transfers are considered to be the safest of all! Any amount of funds can be transferred to a user’s account and the online bank service’s account just by an e-mail.  On transferring funds or any other online transaction, you receive a notification on your e-mail. Because only notifications are sent to email addresses, e-mail money transfer system is considered to be a safe and secure way of transferring funds and money online.

Using bank accounts

Funds can be transferred directly within and amongst bank accounts online and do not even require a credit or debit card most of the times. Although, debit card payments are mostly preferred by online sellers and e-businesses as apartof their e-commerce payment chain, online bank transfers are comparatively simpler and quicker. All authorization and verification are done on the seller’s bank, and ideally, all records and personal details pertaining to your bank account become void once the transaction/s have been completed. A pretty trustworthy and reliable banking procedure indeed!

Overall, online banking has opened a plethora of options for us, with online money transfer being one of the most promising of them all. With the increasing popularity and demand for online banking facilities, transferring money online has become quite a safe and secure indulgence these days. However, always ensure to exercise some precaution while making transactions online and try your best to steer clear of frauds, thieves, hackers, phishers, and other sources that might just take you for a ride!

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