Multiple Bank Savings Accounts – Yay Or Nay

Savings is an important part of our lives to make our finances strong, trouble-free and long term. Though there are several choices available, a savings account in a bank is one of the most preferable ways. To get the benefits of such a method one must understand the ethics behind the savings account. We must understand the difference between the different types of accounts to avoid the confusion.

Savings account – Definitely a big YAY

Savings accounts are for those who want to save money without making a lot of transactions from it. If you want an account to make transactions for things like paying your bills, then you can always create a checking account. Tax free accounts are available and each of these accounts offers the customer with a high charge per unit, permitting the customer to maximize the potential from the interest that’s earned. One of the most standard benefits you get from a savings account is the power to branch the variations between your financial gain and expenses.

You get interest on your money!

Savings accounts have the potential to earn interest, and have a limit on the number of transactions that can be made. You can really save some money in form of deposits and not disturb it until a real emergency. Tax free accounts enables people like us to deposit money whenever there is a financial gain or you are in position to make the deposit into these accounts. You don’t have to pay taxes and earn interest on your money.

But often we are confused about our savings habit and turn for professional help. Financial experts always advise us to diligently plan and avoid debt as far as possible. Some even advise us to have multiple bank savings accounts based on our saving and spending habits. This is a very ideal solution for those who have different financial goals and savings targets.

Multiple bank savings accounts implies multiple perks

As mentioned earlier, savings accounts are always beneficial but dabbling in more than one account is even more beneficial contrary to the belief. Ever individual needs and habits differ. No plan works same for two different persons. So it all comes down to your saving habits and goals you have set in your life. The multiple savings account is a major benefit when:

  • You have different savings goals,
  • You don’t know which bank may be right for you,
  • Your situation demands regular withdrawals,
  • You are afraid your only account won’t succeed for much long,
  • You want to get the different types of benefits available at different banks.

But even with all its perks, multiple savings accounts can also have its cons

Like all good things, having multiple bank savings accounts may also have its disadvantages. Some people just don’t want to distribute their money and rather prefer to keep it all at one place. People find it a disadvantage because:

  • It is rather very confusing to have so many accounts,
  • You may lose the perks of getting the highest interest rate doe to division in your funds,
  • It can complicate transactions and result in loss of your money,
  • It may become difficult to maintain multiple accounts.

Finally, it all comes down to your needs and situation to decide between opening and avoiding multiple savings accounts.

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