Worried About Christmas Spending? Follow these Useful Money Saving Tips for Christmas

Worried that your small budget will prevent you from enjoying this year’s Christmas to the fullest? Guess what? Shopping for Christmas on a tight budget is not only possible, it can also be fun, creative, and incredibly meaningful. Planning for Christmas on a tight budget may feel like wrestling a mischievous elf, but with the right money saving tips for Christmas, and a dash of holiday spirit, you can subdue the elf.

Here are some easy and useful money saving tips for Christmas.

Open the Secret Door

People have the habit of looking at a tight budget as a challenge. It’s not a challenge, it’s actually a great opportunity. A tight budget lets you open a secret door. When you go through that door, you realize the focus should not be on buying presents, but valuing presence, you realize faces with glowing smiles matter more than glittery stuff. This realization makes you look at shopping, home decoration, greeting guests, and throwing a Christmas party from a new angle. You stop limiting your shopping to branded stores, and include thrift stores.

And why wouldn’t you? Money saving tips for Christmas necessitate visiting thrift stores. Thrift stores become treasure troves during Christmas, offering a delightful mix of festive finds and holiday cheer at a fraction of the original price. 

Thrift Store Adventure

Thrift stores see foot-traffic all around the year, but during Christmas, it increases almost 40%. What that means is many people visit those stores during Christmas to save money. Festive clothing and Christmas decoration top the list of items that are bought. The sale of these two items increases almost 50%, because thrift stores have huge collections of garments, decorations, and other things, and offer them at a discounted price. 

How much discount can you expect?

Many stores launch special Christmas-themed sales, offering discounts of 20-50% on festive clothing, and vintage gift finds. To avail such offers, you need to keep an eye out for “Ugly Sweater Day” sales or “Deck the Halls for Less” type promotions.

More Money Saving Routes

Thrift stores are undoubtedly the lifelines for shoppers who want to save money while they shop. But there are other ways to save money. One of them is the clearance rack. As Christmas approaches, stores often clear out seasonal items to make space for new inventory. This translates to amazing deals on decorations, festive attire, and holiday-themed homeware, with discounts reaching up to 75% off! Excited already? Hold on, there’s more. Loyalty Programs and member perks can save you tons of money. Signing up for store loyalty programs or attending special holiday events can unlock additional discounts and early access to sale items. Could you iImagine scoring those vintage ornaments 20% off before everyone else? Those who follow money saving tips for Christmas, can imagine it.

Christmas is also a great time for negotiations. While not everywhere, some stores, especially smaller independent ones, are open to negotiations, especially on bulky items like furniture or vintage treasures. Hone your inner haggling skills and grab those holiday bargains! The holiday donation drives not only let you avail great discounts, but also put you in those stores’ good books. Some stores offer special discounts to customers who donate items during their holiday drives. It doubles the fun – you score deals, and also contribute to a good cause.

Go Beyond the Numbers

While I encourage you to scour the web and also the retail outlets for deals and discounts, money saving tips for Christmas go much much deeper. Remember, discounts aren’t the only way to save money during Christmas. Just a change in attitude, and a smart way of thinking allow you to enjoy a joyous Christmas on a tight budget. 

Here are some practical tips.

  • Shop Early: The best deals and unique finds tend to disappear quickly, so get your holiday shopping done early before the crowds descend.
  • Think Outside the Bauble: Look for non-holiday items that can be repurposed, and then used for festive purposes. Vintage scarves can become table runners, old jars can turn into candle holders, and mismatched plates create a quirky holiday table setting.
  • Barter and Bundle: Some stores allow for bartering or bundling items for additional discounts. Get creative and see if you can score more goodies for less. I promise it’d be a fun pursuit as you get to exercise your creativity. 
  • Gift with Love: Remember, the true value of a gift lies in the thought behind it. A hand-painted ornament or a homemade treat from the heart can be far more meaningful than an expensive store-bought item.

Basically, using common sense and some tried and tested money saving tips for Christmas are all you need in order to make your Christmas memorable, without having to spend extra.


Remember, the true magic of Christmas lies not in the price tag, it lies in the spirit of creativity and togetherness. So go forth, my frugal friend, and let your resourcefulness, your commitment to following money saving tips for Christmas, and imagination paint and decorate your home with the colors of joy this Christmas.

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