What You Should Know About Energy Performance Certificates?

Energy performance certificates or EPC have been a legal necessity whenever a house is built, sold or rented. EPC’s are rated from A to G where homes with ‘A’ rating are considered highly efficient while homes with ‘G’ rating are considered least energy efficient. Energy performance certificates are issued by Accredited Energy Assessors. They also issue a detailed report of making homes more energy efficient.

Types of Energy Performance Certificates

There are two types of energy performance certificates. One is residential or domestic ECP and the other is commercial ECP. Besides, there is a display energy certificate as well.

  •  Residential or Domestic Energy Performance Certificates

Residential or domestic ECP is legally required for houses that are purchased, sold or rented. The issued energy certificate is valid for at least ten years, and thus can be reused within this period. EPC is commissioned by the owner of the house. It is important to make this certificate available for examination by applicants. A free copy of the ECP should be given to tenants before renting the house.

  • Commercial Energy Performance Certificates

Commercial ECP is usually required by non-residential buildings when they are purchased, sold and rented. The ECP for commercial buildings is similar to domestic energy performance certificates. Some commercial buildings also need to display energy certificate or DEC.

  • More about Display Energy Certificate or DEC

Display energy certificate is entirely different from the domestic as well as commercial ECP. Display energy certificate indicates the accurate utility of energy in a building. Display energy certificates are usually needed for buildings that are constructed on 1,000 square meters and are engaged by institutions and public buildings. It is important to display the DEC on a display board so as to make it visible to the public.

Display energy certificate is valid for at least a year. Like domestic and commercial energy performance certificates, DEC is also accompanied by a detailed report indicating appropriate measures needed for enhancing the usage of energy in the building. This detailed report is made valid for at least seven years.

Importance of ECP

ECP is an important document for every house owner today since it can help create an eco-friendly environment having low carbon emissions. Many reports have indicated the fact that carbon dioxide is one of the major factors contributing to climatic changes in the UK. It has also been found that approximately 27 percentages of carbon dioxide gas is emitted from residential houses. Therefore, Government of the UK wants to stress the significance of energy performance certificates to house owners. ECP can help maintain greener and cleaner environment.

If you need more details regarding the importance and need of energy performance certificate, you can have a consultation with the concerned lawyer in your area. Specialist lawyer would be able to provide you expert advice regarding ECP and can also provide needed suggestion for improving the energy performance of your building. ECP is a legal requisite today, and by making homes energy efficient, people can save money on utility bills while saving the environment.

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