Household Saving Tips – Personal Finance Basics

Finally got time to analyze how you spend your hard-earned dollars? You may soon discover that household expenses are eating up the larger pie of your monthly earning. The appliances that make your life more comfortable don’t come easy on pocket. Just consider how much money you pay for your energy bill. If that could have been saved, it would have been added to your saving. Financial security is ensured not by how much you bring home but how much you save at the end of the month.

Save on your power bill

The amount you pay for power bill tops the list of your household expenses yet you don’t like reviewing the expenditure pattern. These days, we can hardly think about living without an air conditioner in summer or a thermostat running in winter. What we pay to keep ourselves in extreme comfort is unbelievable high. A great way to save on this front is to keep your windows open early in the morning and evening to let the cool air enter into your room. Natural cooling is wonderful and during that time; your AC will have some rest. In winter, run your thermostat 5-10 degree down. So, you see that no big compromise yet bigger effect will show up in your power bill.

Reduce Use of Water

By limiting water consumption, you can prevent a goodly sum from being drained out. Most of us have a bad habit of keeping the tap on while washing hands or brushing teeth. This means we end up paying for wasted water. Taking a long shower to keep us cool and relaxed is another example of water waste. Instead, take a soothing bath in lukewarm water, it will suck your tiredness and make you feel fresh and relaxed. By reducing water use, you can also help in persevering the dwindling reserve of this natural resource.

Cut down Your Cable/Satellite Expenses

If you are serious about cutting down household expense, review your cable/satellite bill. Do you view all channels in the current package? If not, why waste money on something that has no utility to you? Go with a lower pay package. Here also, you may not view all channels bundled up in a package, yet less expensive choice will be good news for your pocket.

Consider Alternative Transportation

Most probably, you haven’t paid attention to this fact! You can travel to your office, children’s schools and other places without using your car. Use a bike if you are travelling nearby. It will save your fuel bill. Go on foot if your office is just 15-20 minutes away from your residence. Healthy activities for your pocket and health too! Why not use a pool car? With crude petrol price rising, mass transportation is becoming popular. A low-cost, friendly and convenient riding, one must say.

There are several areas where you can make compromise without much of discomfort. If you identify the necessities, it will be easier to allot your fund. Exclude the amenities from your budget, at least slash down the cost on them; saving adds to one’s wealth.

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