How to Use Instagram Marketing to Boost your Open House Listing

An open house is an exciting time for a real estate agent. It’s the culmination of all their effort – an effort that sometimes spans months if not years undertaking the entire construction or renovation process. And so it’s natural that what makes an open house a success is a good turnout! 

Unfortunately, simply completing a house and hosting an open house is not enough in today’s world. If you want to achieve targets, then you’re going to have to market it, and what better platform to do so than Instagram? 

Not only does Instagram allow a seamless mix of visuals and text, but it is also high on interaction between the poster and the viewers through elements such as DMs or polls. And once you get the word out about your open house on Instagram, the attendees will flood through!

Here’s how you can promote your open house listing on Instagram:

Optimize your Instagram Account

First things first, it’s important to optimize your real estate agency’s Instagram account so that it can reach more people and help drive conversions. 

Start by making sure that your username and profile picture is relevant and that it accurately describes your industry. For instance, using a picture of the open house subject as a profile picture is likely to get people interested and inquiries flowing in!

Next is your bio. Add in a short description of the services you offer and highlight the open house date and details – remember, keep it short – and finish with your website or Google form link. Once this is done, the optimization left is in the posts themselves – more specifically, the captions. 

Make sure that your captions are utilizing relevant and trending keywords and hashtags to help boost page visits and interactions. And you’ll have more open house attendee signups than ever!

Get Posting

With your profile done, it’s now time to move on to the actual subject – your posts, of course! Populate your Instagram feed with posts that contain details of your open house listing as well as other services and projects that your agency has going on. Fluctuate between static posts with text that contains important information and videos that show off the listing, getting people interested in paying a visit. 

And if you’re worried about nailing the aesthetic, then you can always turn to PosterMyWall and make use of their real estate flyer templates. With dozens to choose from, you’re sure to find designs that you like, and once selected you can customize them to your heart’s desire. 

Be sure to pair your posts with SEO-optimized captions and trending hashtags for maximum reach, and you’ll soon have queries flooding in!

Don’t Shy Away from Going Live

Visuals are what make anything work – the more clearly a customer can see an item or service, the more likely they are to be interested or curious about it. And what better way to do so than by taking your Instagram followers on a teaser tour through an Instagram live session? 

Not only will people see bits and bobs that they’ll be interested in, but they’ll also see things that they’d like to explore more deeply – earning you attendees for your open house. And since you can also talk to and interact with your followers on your live, it will build up credibility for your business, allowing people to trust you more easily. And in business, trust means sales!

Stories and Polls are your Best Friend

Let’s face it, schedules are busy. Whose isn’t? Sometimes you just don’t have the time to design posts or hold a live session, and your best friends during those times are Instagram stories and polls!

Not only are they quick and easy to execute, but they’ll also keep your audience engaged and interested. Put up stories with some stills from your open house, polls asking questions about house construction preferences and interior design choices, or even a Q and A box allowing your followers to ask all the questions swimming in their heads. And the best part? This interactive activity will help you build a deeper relationship with your potential clients, leading to more people visiting your open house listing. 

So, if you’re looking to promote your open house listing on Instagram, then these strategies are for you! Just remember to make edits according to your agency and listing, and you’ll be good to go. 

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