Stay Away From Frauds

Financial transaction involves a lot of risks. With the rise in the number of lenders and different lending options, fraudulent lenders have also increased. More than 95% of the lenders are trustworthy but remaining 5% is from where borrowers should stay away. Online lending market is where more and more scammers and frauds have started floating in. Information security is very poor in the case of online lenders since the borrower would not be aware of the organization or the people with which he or she is doing business with.

How to avoid frauds

The best method to avoid frauds is by preventing the need. This does not mean that one should not borrow money but it means that the borrower should improve their financial and credit status so that they need not choose lenders, instead lenders should choose them. Traditional lenders would not be ready to do business with bad credit borrowers. A better credit score would help the person obtain the loan of their choice. Status of a good credit holder would increase in the minds of a lender.

Good credit score can be achieved by paying all the bills and debt payments on time without fail. Those who default or delay their payment would face the consequences by having a bad credit score. One should not delay to make payment since only after 60 days from the due date is when the unsecured personal loans lender or agency would bring the default report to the notice of the credit bureau. Credit report would contain the list of all successful and unsuccessful financial transactions performed by the borrower. The transaction report would stay on the report for years.

Online frauds

Borrowers who apply for online loan programs such as payday loans, cash advance loans and other programs offered through the internet should be very careful. There are numerous online agencies and private lenders who offer loan to people through the web. This type of loan program has become popular mainly due to the ease in the loan processing. Borrowers need not shop around in search of the loan and there is no need to sit and discuss with the lender in person. One would be able to obtain the loan right from their home.

With this comfort come higher risks. Scammers and cheaters have made use of this particular scenario to steal the personal and financial information of the borrower without them knowing. Fraudulent websites would look and work similar to that of a trusted lender’s website. An online application form would have to be filled by the borrower on the scam website. This information would then reach the frauds and they would misuse the information for their financial benefits.

Before applying on an online lender’s website, the borrower should evaluate the reputation of the lender. There is a list of trustworthy online lenders provided in the respective state government’s portal which can be used as a valuable source of information in order to stay away from fraudulent lenders. One should simply neglect any scam mails that they would receive.

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