People That Make More Money than You

You might be surprised to learn how many people make more money than you do in professions that you wouldn’t have anticipated earning more than yours. There are various factors that can influence how much money a person earns however, some of which are discussed below.
Surprisingly these people make more money than you!
source: iforexblog
Location can greatly influence how much money people in different professions make. Part of this is because the cost of living is different in different areas. For instance, people who work in the city tend to make more money that people who work in more rural areas simply because expenses tend to be higher in urban areas than they are in rural ones. For example, while many people would probably be under the impression that a sales manager makes more than a garbage truck operator, a garbage man in Newport Beach actually earns more annually than a sales manager does simply because that area pays garbage men more than some other areas do.
Demand is another crucial element that can determine how much money a person makes. For instance, while it might seem like a minor league baseball player would make more money than a hot dog vendor, come to find out a hot dog vender can earn 10 times as much as the star of the show. This is because there is a high demand for concessions at baseball games and other such sporting events.
How much money people earn in their professions can be as diverse as the professions themselves are. Generally, though, a career for which there is a high demand that is in the right location will earn more than some careers that people traditionally view as high-earning careers. When selecting a career that earns a lot of money, therefore, you might want to take into consideration your location as well as what’s in demand there.