10 Marketing Skills You Should Have To Become Real Estate Agent Tips by Martin Zialcita

Real estate is an extremely competitive industry. Real estate agents are pushing constantly to close the next sale, and ensure maximum profits. The greatest worry in a real estate agents mind is how to gain the best deals from their clients. Just like other marketing professionals, real estate agents need particular set of skills. In this post, we look at the top ten skills you must have to become the next successful real estate agent.

#1 Communication Skills

To become a successful real estate agent, you need proper communication skills. This is because communication is the heart of everything you are going to do as a real estate agent. Therefore, we recommend that you develop proper communication skills, so that you can communicate to the property owners effectively, and lead the negotiations such that you will attract maximum profits. Consider that if you are not going to be a good communicator, you will end up losing deals to real estate agents who have well-honed communication skills. Therefore, take time and train yourself how to communicate effectively.

#2 Ability to Understand Social Cues

A real estate agent needs to be able to read body language. Remember that body language could often reveal additional information. For instance, folding of the hands could mean that the customer does not like the deal. In addition, certain facial expressions could express

dissatisfaction. Therefore, if you anticipate becoming a real estate agent, it is important you learn how to interpret various facial expressions and body language in general. While trying to discern the body language, be aware of cultural distinction, and particularly when closing international deals. You can research body language beforehand to avoid behaviors that could be misconstrued.

#3 Integrity

Integrity is an important skill in the real estate business. As a real estate agent, you need the ability to differentiate right from wrong. Therefore, when real estate agents make decisions about

which neighborhoods to promote based on skin color, religion or sex, it is a totally wrong practice. Agents need to have the integrity to tell their clients the truth about values in the marketplace and whatever changes would enhance the perceived property value.

To build a reputation, real estate agents need to provide a great service to every one of their clients. Practicing integrity makes it possible to gain positive reviews and glowing testimonials from the past customers. Therefore, if you are focusing on becoming a real estate agent, consider different ways of improving your integrity levels.

#4 Negotiation skills

Do you have proper negotiation skills? Before registering as a real estate agent, you need to make sure you have proper negotiation skills. Otherwise, you will not make money.  remember that in any real estate deal, the seller wants the highest price for the property, and the buyer wants the lowest price for a property. that does not mean real estate agents will not make money. The truth is that how much you make, depends on your ability to negotiate. Therefore, the agent’s role in the real estate deal is to link the buyer to a seller, with an aim of earning maximum amount as the commission. With proper negotiation skills, the real estate agent can attract maximum profits.

#5 Following Up

One key skill to converting leads into buyers is the ability to follow up, and respond to clients promptly. If you do not follow up, another real estate agent will follow up and close the deal. Therefore, following up is another important skills to have, if you are planning to work as a real estate agent. Remember to treat each lead with honesty and integrity. If you promise to get back to a client within a certain number of days, make sure you share the update as promised the client. The most important thing you need to remember is that you cannot close deals, if you are not good at following up.

#6 Learn To Be Passionate

Passion is what gives the real estate agent a purpose. If you combine your passion as your work, then you will be doing your best in terms of pursuing leads and even throughout the closing process. Becoming passionate about your job motivates oneself and those around you.  Besides, passion drives you into developing a better work environment, and so you can create a more loyal following.

Additional reasons why finding passion is vital include feeling good, attaining success, it becomes difficulty to quit, helps you to attain career growth, and you manage your time much better.

#7 Active Listening Skills

Active listening is a valuable technique that requires the listener to absorb, understand, respond  and retain what is being said. Therefore, when you learn to engage in active listening, you not only understand the message, but also understand their body language. Active listening skill set involves various listening techniques namely:

  • Paying attention
  • Withholding judgment
  • Reflecting what the speaker said
  • Seeking clarification
  • Summarizing
  • Sharing

Therefore, when you have proper listening skills, your customers will want to work with you , appreciate your efforts, and even refer friends and relatives to you.

#8 Problem solving skills

Problem solving is an important skill because it gives you the mechanism for identifying things, figuring out what they are, and determining a course of action to fix the issues. Therefore, as a

real estate agent, you stand a greater chance for meeting your sales goals, satisfying customers and eventually, growing your business tremendously.

#9 Teaching Skills

Clients choose hiring you not only because of your knowledge of the market, but also because you have the ability to educate them and support them throughout the process. Therefore, it is important you learn how you can transfer knowledge effectively, and explain the same concepts repeatedly.

#10 Patience

Patience is an important skill for not only real estate agents, but also other professionals. Consider that sometimes you may be able to sell a property within a day, while under other circumstances it takes months. Therefore, you need to stay calm, but also follow up often.


Are you hoping to venture into real estate? You need the ten skills we have listed here, to achieve success. Therefore, begin learning these skills early enough, and embrace them throughout the career.

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