Good Investments For Beginners – Best Investment Options

The massive range of investment opportunities marketed from every medium can be quite daunting for the first-time investor, especially if you don’t really understand how they work. The technical terms involved sometimes seem to require a degree in mathematics to work out properly and that, combined with a volatile national and world economy, is enough to baffle anyone. However, there are some investments that are pretty straightforward, and this blog will attempt to simplify some of them.

Property is a fairly straightforward investment opportunity; you simply buy the property and watch its value grow in real terms. ‘Bricks and Mortar’ investments have long been a popular investment choice for beginners and seasoned investors alike and is much less volatile than some other investment vehicles.

The same applies to investing in gold, the market goes up and down, but you will generally get a reasonable return if you decide to cash in after a certain period of time. If you are thinking about buying gold and are based in Queensland, there are several options open to you. For example, if you buy gold bullion Brisbane investors get from City Gold Bullion, you are virtually guaranteed to get some type of return on your investment in future years. If your investment aspirations are slightly more short term, please see the list of ‘easy’ investments below.

Simple Investments

The investment opportunities below require little effort and little prior knowledge, your bank, accountant or financial services provider should be able to answer any questions you may have.

#1 Cash Investments– Although at the time of writing the interest rate for savers is minimal, savings accounts and term deposits provide a safe and secure option for the risk averse or those who may need to make withdrawals.

#2 Fixed Interest/Fixed Income Investments –These types of investments generally have a set investment period and provide regular interest payments. These are seen as less risky than some other investments and can be used as a counterbalance to other investments in a portfolio.

#3 Buying Shares In A Company –Although the concept of buying shares is quite straightforward, the chances are you will need some independent advice before you invest. Your independent financial advisor will be able to give you more details.

#4 Cryptocurrency –This extremely volatile investment vehicle has taken the world by storm and provided a massive return for some. You may have some friends or associates who have invested and got a good return, but it is hit and miss. Another thing to factor in before investing in cryptocurrency are the changing financial regulations by banks at all levels. If you can’t afford to lose the money, don’t invest in cryptocurrency.

Ultimately, the best form of investment for beginners is one that you can afford and won’t ruin you if the investment fails. Bearing this in mind, buying gold and real estate look like real winners when it comes to getting a decent return with financial products available from high street banks the best bet for investors with limited capital.

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