Best Place to Live in Atlanta for Young Professional

When it comes to moving to Atlanta, everyone feels excited. Since this city is so welcoming and filled with people that can help you on every corner, you will definitely love your time here. If you are a young professional, you are likely to rent an apartment for the first time. This is a big jump towards independence, mixed with the responsibility you have in your new job.

Best Place to Live in Atlanta for Young Professional

While searching for ideal Atlanta apartments for rent, you might think that your best option is Downtown. While it is a good place, it just isn’t for young professionals. Below you can find a detailed list of some of the best apartments that can help you in your new life.


If you are the type of guy who loves to live in a city filled with modern amenities with a busy lifestyle, proper services, and a variety of shopping complexes, then Midtown is the right place for you. It is full of natural wonders with a lush green landscape. There are art centers in this place too. Meanwhile, if you love food, you will be happy, as there are many restaurants in this neighborhood. The average renting cost in this place is $1,800.

Ormewood Park

Are you making plans to settle down in Atlanta with a family and children? Then Ormewood Park is a good place you should check out. Additionally, this place has a lot of trees. The neighborhood is so friendly and suitable for your kids to grow up in. Whether you are planning to rent a house or an apartment, this neighborhood has them all. This place is close to Downtown. You can find a housing unit at around $2,000 in Ormewood Park.


Probably this is the best neighborhood among all the ones on this list. It is so close to Midtown, which means that you can commute there if you want by just traveling 2 miles. Virginia-Highland has many modern bungalows. Meanwhile, it has 4 of the important commercial spots. The residents call this place Va-Hi. The whole place is pretty quiet, which is an ideal environment for kids and elders in case there is anyone in your family.


Buckhead is an upscale neighborhood. Known as the Beverly Hills of the South by many, this area has almost 79,000 residents. To make your life easier, this neighborhood has several shopping centers and departmental stores. Meanwhile, if you are a fashion lover, this place is suitable for you since it has a lot of boutiques. If you want a lavish lifestyle, consider going for this neighborhood as this place has many luxury apartments with a rate of $4,000 per month on average.


Whether you want a quiet life or you want to experience the busyness of Atlanta, you can find the right neighborhood for you among these 4 options. Since they have everything a newcomer needs regardless of their tastes, they are highly recommended for you.

Are Home Warranty Companies Regulated?

A home warranty company provides coverage services to your home’s appliances and systems, thereby reducing the risk of bearing huge and unexpected out-of-pocket expenses on repairs and component replacements of these home devices. Home warranty companies are therefore very beneficial to homeowners, but if they are left unregulated, they can get out-of-control which is problematic. This post answers your question of “are home warranty companies regulated or not?

Home Warranty Companies Regulated

The Beginning Of Home Warranty Regulation

The 1970s saw a boom in the real estate market, and that was when the home warranties came into being. US residents could now reduce their expensive repairs and replacement expenses with home warranty plans.

The first company to start the home warranty business was American Home Shield, and they were consequently the largest player for years. As many home warranty companies sprung up, there came a need to oversee these corporate establishments.

Are Home Warranty Companies Regulated? And by whom?

The home warranty regulation system varies from state to state. Some states have a governing body to regulate the activities of home warranty companies, whereas others do not. Moreover, different sectors in each state govern the home warranty companies.

For instance, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation oversees all Florida home warranty companies as opposed to the Texas regulatory body, which is the Texas Real Estate Commission, regulating home warranty companies in Texas.

New York home warranty companies are regulated by the Department of Financial Services, whereas the Commissioner of Insurance of Georgia handles home warranty companies in Georgia.

Finally, there is the National Home Service Contract Association, which is a non-profit organization whose aim is to self-regulate home warranty companies. This organization sets down a code of ethics for home warranty companies to follow, and intervenes to provide guidance in their corporate processes.

The Downside Of Home Warranty Companies

Home warranty companies do get entangled in controversies, and this is because the industry is fairly small, with no one yet taking the full initiative to bring them under control.

This eventually has led to a lot of home warranty companies taking advantage of loopholes, resulting in distasteful customer experiences. Instances like scams, easy money, and assets stripped away, eventually culminate into liquidation.

How To Bypass The Flaws Of Home Warranty Companies?

The best way to avoid unscrupulous home warranty companies is to be alert at the start. First, check out their fine print, terms and conditions, and their exclusion list. If the terms and conditions seem unfair, unfavorable, or do not meet your requirements, then drop the home warranty company. Look for another one.

Another method to get a good home warranty company is to shortlist only the big and reputed ones. It is advisable to opt out of smaller home warranty companies as they lack track records and credibility, therefore making them unreliable.

When you are researching larger home warranty companies, make sure to go through their online reviews. Read about the various experiences that actual home warranty customers have gone through and make your decision after weighing the pros and the cons. Aggregator websites like HomeWarrantyReviews have a compilation of not just thousands of reviews, but also ratings, rankings, and comparison settings.

How To File A Complaint Against A Home Warranty Company?

There are many ways to get your grievances sorted against your home warranty company. If your real estate agent has a good working relationship with the home warranty company, then it is best to settle things through him. You can also address your problems through the Complaint Resolution Program of HomeWarrantyReviews and get them resolved by home warranty professionals as quickly as possible.

You can also contact the state insurance agency or the state attorney general to sort things out with the insurance commissioners.

Another drastic option is to file a lawsuit. This will take you to the local magistrate court to file a complaint where you’d have to represent yourself or get the help of a warranty lawyer and gather the letter from the insurance company.


The answer to your question: are home warranty companies regulated or not, is that it depends on which state the homeowner is living in. Some states have home warranty companies being regulated by authoritative bodies, whereas others do not. Nonetheless, it is best to be associated with a home warranty company that is properly controlled by a regulatory body.

Benefits of Undergoing Assertiveness Training

Mastering assertiveness can do a lot more than just help one win arguments. Undergoing assertiveness training helps managers not just reach their goals but also enhances their persuasion skills and leadership stature. This training enables them to model their behavior as well as an approach to control a situation without alienating others in the organization.

Undergoing Assertiveness Training

Seasoned professionals and experienced managers who are looking to build their strengths, exercise great influence on others and smoothly resolve conflicts need to turn to assertiveness training.

Assertiveness helps you clearly communicate your ideas, beliefs, and requirements to others. You would be able to clearly put across your point without arousing defensiveness. Some individuals naturally exhibit assertive tendencies in their everyday communication while negotiating with others.

However, there are some who need to develop these characteristics to excel in their work lives.  Click to learn the traits of successfully assertive leaders. This will help you understand the role assertiveness plays in your work life.

Ability to influence

If you want to be a cooperative, positive, and confident individual while approaching others, then you need to first focus on improving your ability to influence others. You need to learn how to benefit from the skills of those around you without violating their rights, beliefs, and feelings. It is only then it would be a win-win situation for both parties.

  • Exercise influence on others
  • Empower your staff with your persuasion skills
  • Acquire a powerful and polished communication style
  • Being assertive is a vital skill needed in work environments

Assertiveness is a skill that can boost the self-esteem of an individual and positively impact their career. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that assertiveness training for managers is extremely crucial. Work colleagues respect individuals who are assertive. Managers who respectfully put across their point are well-liked.

They are skilled at taking control of their environment but still spend some time listening to what others have to say. If you lack these skills, then you can benefit tremendously from undergoing assertiveness training.

AssertivenessTraining for Managers

  • Earns you respect

When you remain assertive, you establish clear boundaries while respecting the boundaries of others at the workplaceat the same time. Others wouldn’t be able to take advantage of you. Also, you would be intimidated by individuals who are at a higher rank than you in your work sphere.

Having respect for your colleagues while at the same time remaining honest and open will lead you develop a respectful relationship with them as well as your boss.

  • Helps your establish boundaries

Assertive individuals are seldom taken advantage of at the workplace. Their behavior helps them establish firm boundaries. By establishing a clear boundary, you are communicating with your colleagues that you wouldn’t tolerate any pushy behavior. This practice further helps in developing a work environment that is based on honesty, tolerance, and respect.

  • Pick your battles

The key to being successful inthe workplace is to know when to pick any battles. Not every situation you come across at the workplace requires your reaction. Sometimes making a small sacrifice will help you secure a massive win. Undergoing training to cultivate assertiveness can help you identify when you put your point across and when to hold it back.

  • React versus respond

We all come across moments in life where we respond immediately without thinking. Shooting straight from the hip without stopping can sometimes end up being disastrous.

Assertiveness training teaches one to respond to situations instead of reacting without giving it a thought. It helps you pause before making any move. You learn to consider all the options available and their possible consequences before making any decision.

  • Ask what you want

Training to be assertive will teach an individual how to ask for what they want. It could be anything ranging from a day off at work to something massive like requesting a raise. When you learn to be assertive, you will learn when to ask and how to ask.

The training assists you in having difficult conversations that you may have mishandled or avoided in the past. If you are viewed as someone who can manage tricky situations with ease and grace, then this skill will certainly help you achieve great heights in your career.

Follow the link to learn what makes one an assertive entrepreneur: is not possible to be a successful entrepreneur without being assertive.

  • Learn to say no

Saying no to colleagues and superiors at the workplace can leave one in utter distress. If you experience a hard time saying no, then you aren’t alone. There are many who haven’t mastered this skill and this is why they need to undergo assertiveness training.

Learning to be assertive can be life-changing for many individuals. The ability to say no can lead to depression and burn out. It can also result in a failure to meet deadlines at work as they simply cannot say no to the additional workload.It can damage your reputation asan employee.

You would not be handled important projects due to your inability to meet deadlines. Hence, learning to be assertive will teach you to accept projects that you will highlight your skills and will bring out the best in you. When you limit the load that you take, you will be able to easily meet the deadlines at work.

In summary

Learning to be assertive can transform your relationships both at the workplace and at home. It has a lot of positive benefits to offer to an individual. However, you need to remember that mere training is not enough. You need to practice the skills that you have learned until they become inherent.

Initially, you may feel a lot anxious while trying to assert yourself. However, you need to remember that taking one step at a time will push open new avenues at the workplace. Overall, the training will make your personality shine and you will be respected by both your superiors and subordinates.

How to Become Successful in Business and Gain Higher Profits

Many people want to become an entrepreneur; however, it can be extremely difficult for new businesses to get up and running and achieve long-term success. According to a study, 20% of businesses fail in the first year of trading. There are many reasons why this is the case. Most people start a business under the impression that they’ll be able to turn over a large profit almost instantly, but unfortunately,that isn’t realistic. There is a great deal of groundwork that needs to be done to become successful in the world of business and turnover a high profit. Here are a few helpful hints on how to increase your chances of success:

Business and Gain Higher Profits

1. Gain a degree

Understanding the key theories of business is crucial.While you may have come up with a unique idea for your business, do you have a deeper understanding of how you’re going to turn your dream into a reality?Unless you’re equipped with the relevant theories to support your proposal, it can be challenging to grow your business and achieve a high turnover.Earning a college degree is the perfect solution to give you the vital information you need.

One of the questions that many people ask is:Do you need an MBA to get a DBA? The good news is, an MBA isn’t a compulsory requirement. You can enrollin this program to gain the skills and knowledge required to solve real-world business issues, such as managing finances.Earning a DBA gives business leaders and managers the skills they need to prosper in their careers.

2. Understand risks

The key to being successful is having a clear idea of how to make well-informed decisions based on potential business risk. Before making any decision, you should always ask yourself: what could occur if it goes wrong?Having this mindset will prepare you both mentally and financially for the worst-case scenario. This will allow you to take more considered risks, and if they do happen to serve you well, you’ll reap the rewards.

3. Be consistent

Becoming an entrepreneur takes a great deal of hard work; in fact, many would agree that it’s a 24-hour job in the early days, so you need to be consistent. You must work hard on a daily basis to give your business the time and attention it needs to turn over even the smallest profit. If you’re expecting to dip in and out whenever you have free time, you’ll only set yourself up for failure.

4. Be creative

Successful business people are always on the lookout for the next best thing. Although you may be confident in your business idea, good entrepreneurs don’t stop the creative cogs from turning. Ideas can become outdated extremely quickly in the fast-paced world we live in, which could result in your once-innovative idea being left on the shelf.You must stay on the lookout for ways to make your business stand out in a crowded market and be confident that you can derive a high turnover from your proposed concept. Acknowledge that you’re still on a learning curve, and be open to new tactics to create a business that’s sure to succeed.

What Does a Scrum Master Do?

Working together to reach a goal plays a big part in a company’s success. Teams within a company come together to share ideas and create a well-defined goal when they are working on a project. The process of brainstorming together and coming up with concepts is known as a scrum.

Scrum Master Do

To ensure that the process is efficient and effective, a scrum master is assigned. If you are interested in getting scrum master zertifizierung, then you can facilitate a group to achieve their full potential. First, you need to fully understand what the role entails.

What Exactly is a Scrum?

A scrum puts emphasis on teamwork. It’s a process where everyone involved in a project comes together to share transparent ideas, take responsibility, and track progress. It creates a platform where employees can use each other as a soundboard to approve ideas and evaluate what aspects are working and what parts are not.

Teams should be aware of the five values of a scrum which is: courage, openness, commitment, focus, and respect. The three pillars of a successful scrum are inspection, adaption, and transparency.

Within the process are different events that includes:

The Daily Meeting– A daily get together or meeting where problems are discussed and itineraries for the day is set out.

Sprints – This refers to the time a team has to complete a certain part of the project. If a team is working towards a huge end goal, then they’ll have shorter sprints in between that needs to be finished before a deadline.

The main goal of a sprint is to make sure there is continuous improvement and development, to ensure effective and efficient teamwork.

What is A Scrum Master?

To ensure that the process is followed and greatly executed, a scrum master is appointed. This position is usually filled with a person that is experienced in the process and has excellent leadership skills. They should be able to coach and lead by example.

Following agile principles, this leader should be able to lead a team to self-organize and adapt quickly when situations change.

As a rule, this position isn’t one of authority. It’s classified as a servant-leadership and not as a manager. Therefore, this position can’t make any serious decisions or step over the project manager’s role.

This role can either be filled by one person throughout the entire project or rotate from person to person on a sprint basis.

What Does a Scrum Master Do?

The Master has a lot of responsibilities with the main focus being to ensure the team works together in a positive and effective way following the process. Other responsibilities include:

  • Protecting the Team: A person within this role will find themselves in the middle of external people and their team. It’s important that they protect their team against external factors or departments, allowing the space and time for the team to follow the process.

Protecting the Team

  • Get Rid of Obstacles: In order for the team to follow procedures and achieve full productivity, a master has to clear any obstacles that will prevent progress.
  • Mediator: This person should ensure that there is a good relationship between the project manager, the product owner, external people, and the group itself. Achieving a positive relationship will demand from the master to handle situations calmly and lead by example.

Mediating also applies to the team itself, where this role has to ensure effective communication between team members. Ensuring that the dynamics between individuals stay positive, enthusiastic, and transparent at all times.

  • Facilitating the Process: It’s important that the master knows the full flow process. By following the steps, a scrum master can facilitate a group and keep them on the right track as well as within the right time frame.

The scrum master should be familiar with all new processes and not get stuck on old methods. They should be able to implement it into the group-driven process.

It’s important that members follow the process vigilantly, to stay on track. Learn more about the scrum process here:

  • Setting a Comfortable Environment: In order for teams to stay creative and productive, they need to be able to work in comfortable environments. It’s this role’s responsibility to protect the team from any outside distractions and interruptions. Creating a space where ideas can flow and work can be done.

Giving a group the responsibility to self-organize can be stressful for some managers. Keeping them motivated and disciplined to maintain productivity and reach a timely goal, can be tricky.

Working together as a group within a scrum process can introduce a few fundamental changes to the way employees are used to functioning. Having someone lead the team without giving them authority is a great way to shake things up. This implementation gives members more freedom and responsibility.

We Buy Houses For Cash Company Reviews

The housing market has certainly been on a roller-coaster ride these past few decades, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon either. People are coming and going, renting or leasing and more importantly, buying and selling.

Buy Houses For Cash

We take on this bucket-list task of owning a property with the intention of growing old in it, raise a family, and sit out on the veranda when we’re grey-haired and wrinkled, but things don’t always turn out this way. See here for a great explanation and story of someone completing their list bit by bit.

Life happens, circumstances change and suddenly Mother Nature throws you a curve ball you couldn’t foresee never mind prepare for, and then what?

Now you’re sitting with a property that’s clinging to you like an unwanted limb and you can’t shake it for all your worth, you need a company that will take it off your hands and you finally can see the back of it.

Reasons why houses are sold for cash.

  • The owners may want to get rid of the house quickly as it is in a high-risk flood area and they just don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintenance and prevention of it anymore, it also prevents buyers requiring a mortgage to be eliminated from putting in an offer.
  • You have available funds and finance tied up with the asset and need the sale completed to free much-needed funds for personal and/or business opportunity requirements.
  • Hassle-free. This is one of the main reasons why homeowners opt for the cash buyer route because they know the buyer has the funds readily available, no waiting for the mortgage and from the loan company to approve funds and the stress of the sale falling through is usually not a problem.
  • Domino effect. Potential buyers often use the sale of their current home as the down payment and insurance to seal the deal on the home they’re looking at, however, if the offer on the home is rejected or withdrawn it means they no longer have the funds required to purchase your home. There are no kinks in the chain of sale.
  • The whole procedure from start to finish is quicker. The papers are read and signed and the hand over process can take as little as two weeks to be finalized.

Besides the need to get rid of the house, the main objective most sellers are looking to achieve is selling it in its current state and not having to spend any more money to make it ‘up to scratch’ and presentable for potential buyers. Read this article for tips on selling your home as-is and see that there are ways to get the sale done and save you money in the meantime.

Understanding what a home for cash buying company is.

It can be tricky navigating through the multitude of companies offering to buy your home for cash, wondering who is reliable and legitimate, do they have insurance and are they legally registered on the homeowners’ compliancy boards? These are questions you will need to ask yourself, find out and look into about from the company before making any big decisions.

Another factor to consider is the years of trading they have within the industry, their experience, and customer satisfaction ratings and if something were to happen or go wrong along the way, do they have a complaints department, contact number and someone who handles queries? You don’t want to be left hanging with no-one on the other end of the line.

You can always browse their website to get the relevant information you are worried about, a legitimate and proud firm will have no issue advertising these and it can give you peace of mind in knowing that others who have used their services have reported back happy.

Your personal details are also a concern and you need to make sure that they use GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) when it comes to handing over your information to third parties.

For help with all these questions, you can check out companies that buy houses reviews for answers you are looking for and others you may not have considered asking or thought to be relevant, but as we know, information and education is never a waste.

It can be a great feeling when you receive a lump sum of cash, you may be selling a property you were left in an inheritance will and the funds are a blessing that couldn’t have come at a better time in your life, or it could be a bonus that you use to splash out on the family and give them that once in a lifetime holiday you’ve always only talked about.

Either way, making sensible decisions will ensure that the funds are used in an appropriate manner and for the enjoyment by you and whoever you decide to include in your spending splurge.

I’m not saying you need to go out and buy the biggest piece of bling you can and wear it like an Olympic medal, but treating yourself is not a crime and it’s probably well deserved. If you are struggling with how to use it, I’m sure there are people who could think of a few great ideas on how to get the ball rolling.

Ideas on what to do with a lump sum.

As mentioned, most people’s first instinct is to book a trip and to be honest, it would be mine too. Then you could pay off as much debt as possible, put some in savings or if it’s significantly large, you could consider making a sizeable donation to your favorite charity or towards a worthy cause. Investment is another choice if you are into all that stock-market jargon.

No matter the decision, be sure you do something that ensures you live life to the fullest. We only have one life after all and is it not worth splurging on?

7 Business Startup Costs to Plan for – Keep Your Startup Costs In Order

For many, starting their own business is a dream they have nurtured for years. But the thrill is often accompanied by feelings of stress, doubt and apprehension. Some of this is because starting your own business can be incredibly financially risky. It is often your savings or money borrowed under your name on the line.

business startup costs to plan

So exactly how much will it cost to start your dream business? The Kauffman Foundation estimates yearly overheads for a small business at $30,000, with the number increasing as the business ages. However, in your first year you will also be forced to shell out additional payments for start-up costs. You may need to buy tools, equipment, vehicles, furniture and more. If you dream of starting your own business but don’t want too much financial risk, consider starting a home-based business or a micro-business. These types of businesses have lower start-up costs.

How much does it cost to start your own business?

For many business owners, crunching the numbers and determining their start-up costs is very scary. Many entrepreneurs may not have the skill or expertise. A great way to start is by constructing a business plan. Among other things, your business plan will include your financial projections – your estimated revenue, expenses and overall profit over a 1, 3 and 5 year timeline.

To settle on a realistic financial projection, you can use SBA’s start-up costs worksheet or Gusto’s start-up budget spreadsheet. You need to know your numbers before you can begin to approach banks and investors to raise start-up funding.

Many of your projected costs will be recurring. Recurring costs include payroll, rent, power, insurance and more. You should include 6 months of upfront rent as a start-up cost. You want to have a safety net while you work on growing your business, attracting customers and eventually turning a profit. Many new businesses are not profitable for the first few months.

Equipment $10,000-$125,000
Office Space $100-$1,000 per employee per month
Marketing 0-10% of total budget
Website About $40 per month
Utilities About $2 per square foot of total office space
Payroll 25-50% of total budget
Professional Consultants $1,000-$5,000 per year
Insurance An average of $1,200 per year
Taxes Variable but 21% corporate tax rate
Travel Variable
Shipping Variable


7 Business Start-up Costs

Every business offers a different product or service and will have a unique business model. This means the exact start up costs for each business will also be different. Here are some rough figures that you can use as a starting point when constructing a start-up budget:

#1 Equipment: Up to $100,000

Most businesses require equipment to run. If you are running a consulting business you may already have a home office and computer system adequate for your purposes but most small businesses will need to purchase their equipment immediately. This can cost in the hundreds of thousands.

A plumber, sparkie or builder will need their own ute or van and make sure they have the correct tools.  A restaurant owner will need to buy a fridge, oven, commercial sink, grease-trap and fit out for their restaurant. If you take on employees, you will need to buy equipment for them as well.

#2 Office space

Regardless if you rent or buy your new premises, you can expect to make monthly rental/ mortgage payments of $100-$1000 per employee.

To keep your start up costs and ongoing overheads down, you can consider working from home, remotely or using co-working spaces. Some service-based businesses may not need an office, i.e. tradesmen.

#3 Marketing

When you think of marketing related costs, you might think of printing signs, banners, flyers and business cards. You might also think of paying TV stations, radio stations and magazines to run your advertisement. However before you can publish and distribute marketing material, you need to have a strong marketing plan in place. You might need to hire a marketing consultant or manager. This is another initial or ongoing expense for your business.

Fortunately, online marketing is incredibly effective and can be done more cheaply than more traditional advertising methods. Small businesses can make great use of social media websites, SEO optimisation, email advertising campaigns and more.

#4 Your business’s website

It is shocking how many businesses do not have a website these days. Many customers search for a product or service online and your website is often the first time they come into contact with your business.

Even if you are not tech savvy, you can use online website building services such as Wix, Weebly, WordPress or SquareSpace to construct a beautiful and professional looking website. To use these providers, you will usually have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. You can also hire a web developer to create a website for you. This will have an initial upfront cost as well as ongoing maintenance costs.

#5 Utilities

On top of rent, you will need to pay for gas, water, electricity, internet, phone bills and other utilities.

A rough rule of thumb is to allocate $3 per square metre of office space and use this figure to calculate your utilities bill. If you will be using a heater or air conditioner expect your electricity and gas bills to be higher.

#6 Payroll

Whether your business is turning a profit or not, you will need to pay your employees their salary. You will also need to pay yourself a salary for all the hours that you put into your business, unless you have an alternative source of income to fall back on. Payroll includes superannuation, commissions, overtime, and other forms of compensation or extra payments.

We suggest keeping your payroll costs to 25% of your budget or less.

#7 Insurance

You’ve put considerable time and effort into building your business. Despite your best efforts to keep everything running smoothly, accidents can and do happen. Consider taking out Business Insurance. Business Insurance* is an insurance package designed to provide cover for your business contents, stock, tools and commercial premises when an insured event occurs (such as fire, storm, theft or even accidental damage). A Business Insurance package can also cover your portable equipment, glass and for loss of revenue due to business interruption in specified circumstances.  In addition, cover is available for public liability, tax audit, employment practices and statutory liability risks.

If you offer service or advice you will also need to consider Professional Indemnity insurance. Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance* is an important form of protection for businesses that provide specialist services or professional advice.  It is designed to respond to claims against your business for losses as a result of actual or alleged negligent acts or omissions in the provision of your professional service or advice. PI Insurance will also assist with the legal costs associated with responding to or managing claims which are covered by the policy.

The price of your Business Insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance will vary depending on the nature of your business. Some important factors that are taken into consideration include the size of your business, its annual revenue, the value of your premises and possessions, how many employees you have and more.

How to finance your start up

While starting a business is never cheap, there are many ways that you can save yourself some money. Sometimes you may need to think outside the box or do a little research.

For instance, you can use a bookkeeping program like QuickBooks instead of using a chartered accountant. You can buy your equipment and furniture second-hand, at warehouse sales, or you can buy ex-display models.

Just be sure to never cut corners by buying lower quality products. And if you really need a consultant, accountant, lawyer or bookkeeper, you should go ahead and hire one. You could save yourself a lot of trouble and money down the line.

Securing funding

Once you’ve put together a list of start up costs for your new business and done your financial projections, you will have a clearer idea how much capital you need to get it off the ground.

If you do not have deep pockets you will most likely need external financing. Even though you can take out a business loan later down the track, most banks are very reticent to lend to new businesses without a proven track record of profitability and the ability to make repayments.

You can look at alternative options like peer-to-peer lending, angel investors and business credit cards. Business credit cards will often have higher limits than personal credit cards. Just be sure to cost how much credit debt you can sustain.

3 Lessons I Would Like to Share with You as an Entrepreneur- Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do

I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug when I was young. Hated the idea of being a second fiddle under a boss like Michael Scott (pun intended). Besides, my eyes were always filled with the dreams of doing something new, something unique.


Healthcare was the domain that sparked my interest, for I wanted to serve people alongside achieving professional success. Back when I moved to Arizona, the healthcare industry was ripe with opportunities. It still is, only the opportunities have slightly changed as technology is now playing a bigger role than it ever has.

The last ten years were challenging for me. I had to learn, unlearn, and relearn to keep pace with new technologies entering the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. I will not bore you with all the details here. Rather I will share with you some key lessons that I learned during my time in this industry.

Never stop doubting yourself

I am sure you’ve heard it before. “Never doubt yourself.” Or something along the same lines. Well, when faced with challenges, you are bound to doubt yourself and on your abilities, even if you brag about them other times.

Relax. Take a deep breath. It’s okay to feel lost and confused. In fact, it’s healthy to have doubts. Not doubting yourself means your ego has taken over.

Feel free to doubt yourself, but while you do that, bear in mind that doubting is only the beginning, not the end. Faith begins where doubt ends. Khali Gibran once said, “Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.” I initially perceived this quote to be too highbrow. But my self-esteem went up a notch as I realized its significance. My mantra is, keep doubting yourself and keep faith rescuing you from your doubts.

Faith is what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from unsuccessful ones. An accomplished entrepreneur doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t take a step back, rises above his doubts, and keeps walking ahead. A non-accomplished one? He lets his fears and doubts consume him.

Dig into latest technologies

Healthcare and technology commingled so much over the last decade that a slew of futuristic trends emerged. Assistive healthcare is one of them. To give you some heads up, the market for assistive medical devices is projected to grow over 24 billion US dollars by 2025. Quite promising! Isn’t it?

Well, not if you work as an underpaid nurse because then your job is threatened by automation as you could be replaced by a robot manufactured in China in the next few years. But if you are a wannabe entrepreneur, automation can be the game changer. The bottomline is, assistive healthcare and similar trends bring challenges for manual workers and opportunities for entrepreneurs. Want to understand them fully? Then dip your toe into the tech water.

I have done it. And have been doing it ever since I joined Spear Education, a global leader in the dental space as a partner and board member. I study technology everyday, observe new trends in the industry, and keep track of the inroads automation is making into healthcare, health management, and preventive medicine. I analyze everything from an entrepreneurial perspective. You should do the same if you have plans to invest in this domain, and get a decent ROI on your investment.

Inspire others

We look up to inspirational figures, follow their advice, and remind ourselves of the struggles they faced when we feel like we can’t stay the course. But that’s not enough, at least in my opinion. I believe inspiring and motivating others is as important as feeling inspired.

That’s why I am a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). It’s an international platform for chief executives where they can join together with influential business leaders from around the world and create a positive impact for businesses and also for the wider community.

The platform helps budding entrepreneurs much the same way it helps C-suite executives. They all find valuable ideas to accelerate business growth and overcome the roadblocks plaguing the growth.

And finally…

I love sports, especially golf. I can’t legitimately call myself an avid golfer, but yeah, you might catch me wearing slacks heading towards the golf course in the morning. I also love soccer, and I am currently a partner of Phsoenix Rising FC.

Sports let me unwind all the stress. It’s my personal stress buster, and I’d recommend it to everyone feeling pressured due to their jobs/businesses. And yeah, it’s also one of the ways you can attain success as an entrepreneur.

Why You Should Consider Remote Accounting Services for Your Business

Having a successful business is not hard to achieve if you, as the owner, take care of working processes within your company. Not only you, but all your employees will greatly benefit from working for a successful organization like yours. And for your business to remain competitive, you need reliable associates.

Consider Remote Accounting Services

Incorporating accounting services into your company will help you achieve your business goals. If you just step into the business world, finding a reliable bookkeeper is something you shouldn’t skip. Accounting services are a critical segment both for a brand-new startup company and a highly developed corporation that’s been on the market for years.

Accounting services for startups are essential for keeping your books clean and up-to-date. Your business’ success score will significantly change for the better with the right bookkeeping agency that will take care of your documentation and everything related to the financial segment of your work.

Company’s Benefits from Implementing Accounting Services

Accounting agencies offer various services and practices to their clients. One of which includes bookkeeping software, which can help your company immensely. Closing books every month, taking care of cash flow and all kinds of financial transactions, and gaining financial advice are some of the tasks that this software can help you with.

The essence of bookkeeping is to show the real situation within the company, recording all business changes. Clean books will allow your organization to continue with good work without the fear of the IRS knocking at your door or locking them for good.

Depending on the size of your company, you can opt for in-house or outsourcing this service. Whether you hire an agency or individual bookkeeper, their job will be the same, more or less. In case you own a larger company, you may opt-out for employing an accountant team to work within a company. A small company or startup will probably hire an accounting agency.

How to Find the Best Accounting Agency?

Bookkeeping has been the most important segment of every business for many years, and it still is. So, if your company is in the dire need to hire a bookkeeping agency, the most appropriate way would be to ask for recommendations. Alternatively, you may perform thorough online research to find the one that would fit perfectly with your needs.

On the link below, check for the qualities you should look for in an accountant:

Remote Accounting

Remote Accounting

If your company’s documents are digitalized, you can hire a freelance accountant or an agency that will do their job remotely. They can access all your financial files through a secured server. This method simplifies everything, from data recording to preparing reports.

Agencies and individuals that work remotely have become increasingly popular in recent years. Along with modern technologies and the development of communication, the agencies are thriving. It’s even possible to hire an accounting agency from another country to work for your company as long as they are familiar with the local bookkeeping laws.

Bookkeeping agencies that work remotely use modern techniques that help them do their work. The implementation of advanced technologies simplified the entire working process and allowed accountants to perform their work more comfortably.

Advantages of Digital Bookkeeping

One of the functionalities that digital accounting provides is the AI data collection. Artificial Intelligence helps bookkeepers with collecting the necessary data, and it also assists them with transactional booking. Additionally, various software and process enhancements will help your company and its employees to work much faster and safer. Find out here how to choose business accounting software.

Most agencies nowadays use cloud-based tools and various mobile apps to help them collect the necessary data and to improve the overall efficiency. The data flows through the secured system of the software that accountants use. This information is encrypted, which makes them safer than anything else. But, most of the new accounting agencies still rely on the old-fashioned approach as well.

Accounting is a sophisticated process that requires professional handling. The smallest mistake or even one misplaced character may cause a lot of financial troubles for your company, as well as countless legal issues. By transferring bookkeeping into digital form, the entire process was accelerated, which significantly affects the business as a whole.

What To Know About Accountants For Landlords And Property Accountants

If you are into property investment, you are well aware that the whole thing has its ups and downs. Sometimes everything is going well. But there are times where you just need some help. Thankfully, there’s a specific profession meant just for this purpose.

Who are property accountants?

This profession is meant to help you financially in your real estate problems. A lot of people are interested in this department. You might be one of them. You could use some help. It doesn’t really matter the type of company you have.

Landlords And Property Accountant

These landlord accountants are concerned with leasing, buying, and selling. Also, they are focused on the maintenance and management of real estate. If you are looking for a way to enter the marketplace, this is the solution for it.

What is their job really?

The daily duties of these accountants can be quite different. It all depends on the type of business. Basically, it’s all about money. They’ll get to do reports monthly and yearly. You will clearly see what increases your profit. But, most importantly, you will see where your losses are.

That way, you can do whatever you need to stop your losses. Your bookkeeper will have to stay updated with any changes in the law. You don’t have the time to do this. So, it would be nice to have someone update you regularly.

Their job focuses on taxes. Any type of taxes that you can think of. Whether it’s a hotel or a tourist one, they have to calculate it. But they also have to deal with a lot of responsibilities. It’s not easy. There are so many things that need to be done.

What are the other duties of accountants?

If you plan on having renters, the whole procedure can be quite tedious. You will have to ask for rent regularly. Daily or weekly bank deposits can be a regular activity. Not to mention doing a yearly inventory of a hotel. So, in the end, this profession is quite versatile. You can learn a bit more here.

How to become one?

If you want to become an accountant, you have to get a proper license for this. You would have to get over 120 credit of coursework. So, it’s not an easy task. You will have to do so much learning. But, it will pay off in the end.

However, there are some countries that don’t care about these points. They look for work experience. This is better. So, you should pay more attention to getting some experience instead. All candidates will have to pass an exam.

The exam has 4 parts. If you fail one part, you can retake it without a problem. You have to be careful about the whole time period. You have 18 months to get this over with. There are some places that will require you to take additional classes.

What will you earn as an accountant?

In the end, everything comes down to money. You have to know the amount of your salary before you decide what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. Your salary will range from $70,000 to $120,000.

So, if you are really good at this, you will make a fortune. All that studying will finally pay off. If you are interested more about the salary, check out this link.

What other skills should you have to become a bookkeeper?

Apart from formal education, you should have some other personal skills. Not anyone can handle this profession. So, if you don’t have the patience, you shouldn’t do this. First of all, you must have excellent verbal skills.

You have to be careful about your grammar and syntax. Also, it would help if you learned Microsoft Office as soon as you can. This is essential for any type of job you want to have in the future. It would help if you were resourceful, too.

Most importantly, you need to have excellent organizational skills. You will have many responsibilities. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that you will have to meet some deadlines too. You need to organize your time to do all of this.