Best Place to Live in Atlanta for Young Professional

When it comes to moving to Atlanta, everyone feels excited. Since this city is so welcoming and filled with people that can help you on every corner, you will definitely love your time here. If you are a young professional, you are likely to rent an apartment for the first time. This is a big jump towards independence, mixed with the responsibility you have in your new job.

While searching for ideal Atlanta apartments for rent, you might think that your best option is Downtown. While it is a good place, it just isn’t for young professionals. Below you can find a detailed list of some of the best apartments that can help you in your new life.


If you are the type of guy who loves to live in a city filled with modern amenities with a busy lifestyle, proper services, and a variety of shopping complexes, then Midtown is the right place for you. It is full of natural wonders with a lush green landscape. There are art centers in this place too. Meanwhile, if you love food, you will be happy, as there are many restaurants in this neighborhood. The average renting cost in this place is $1,800.

Ormewood Park

Are you making plans to settle down in Atlanta with a family and children? Then Ormewood Park is a good place you should check out. Additionally, this place has a lot of trees. The neighborhood is so friendly and suitable for your kids to grow up in. Whether you are planning to rent a house or an apartment, this neighborhood has them all. This place is close to Downtown. You can find a housing unit at around $2,000 in Ormewood Park.


Probably this is the best neighborhood among all the ones on this list. It is so close to Midtown, which means that you can commute there if you want by just traveling 2 miles. Virginia-Highland has many modern bungalows. Meanwhile, it has 4 of the important commercial spots. The residents call this place Va-Hi. The whole place is pretty quiet, which is an ideal environment for kids and elders in case there is anyone in your family.


Buckhead is an upscale neighborhood. Known as the Beverly Hills of the South by many, this area has almost 79,000 residents. To make your life easier, this neighborhood has several shopping centers and departmental stores. Meanwhile, if you are a fashion lover, this place is suitable for you since it has a lot of boutiques. If you want a lavish lifestyle, consider going for this neighborhood as this place has many luxury apartments with a rate of $4,000 per month on average.


Whether you want a quiet life or you want to experience the busyness of Atlanta, you can find the right neighborhood for you among these 4 options. Since they have everything a newcomer needs regardless of their tastes, they are highly recommended for you.

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