A Change of Mind – A Change of Lifestyle

One of the most important skills that people need more than they realise is financial management. It goes without saying that proper management of monetary resources will make the difference between more money at the end of the month or more month at the end of the money. Various institutions have come up seeking to educate people on effective resource management.

How does this translate to the life of the ordinary person trying hard to live a good life and stay clear of debt collectors?

#1 Earn the interest, do not pay it

One of the best choices that anyone can make is to make investments. Whether it is in a business or in a savings scheme, or even a bank, it is important to ensure that an amount is being tucked away regularly, as this will surely come in handy in days to come. The common excuse people give is that they do not have enough money to spare for investments. However, not the amount makes the difference, but the actual act of putting away even the little because over time, it will accrue interest and bring back handsome returns.

#2 Go the cash way

With the convenience of always having electronic cards to access money from the account or even mobile banking systems, people are carried away by the ease of transacting. However, various fees go into carrying out these transactions and over time, the service charges tend to total to a sizeable amount that would have been saved. Instalment payments as well clearly show how the buyer actually pays more for the item as opposed to having paid cash.

#3 Take care of tomorrow today

The future is not as much a mystery as many tend to presume it is. There are expenses attached to the many aspirations that people carry in their hearts to do. The fact that various costs may be attached, be it fees for the children’s education, car purchases, real estate investments or even the desire to have a comfortable retirement, it makes sense to find ways of saving up for these expenses before their time so as to prevent the possibility of entering into debt trying to meet them.

#4 Debit over credit

There is usually a lot of talk regarding credit cards. In real sense, they may appear to be an easy way of doing things but in actual sense, it calls for more restraint and responsibility than most people can muster. This is the reason behind people being caught up in payments because they take on more than they can chew. Instead of having the credit card, opt for a debit card. This is one way of guaranteeing that the purchase can actually go through.

#5 Anticipate emergencies

The whole rationale behind an emergency is the fact that it cannot be predicted. More to this, it may at times cost more than the individual is prepared for it financially. Fortunately, there is a way to prepare in part for the likelihood of its occurrence by having an emergency fund. This will help cushion against unexpected costs and prevent the tendency to run into debt as one borrows money from friends and family, unable to guarantee when they will repay.

Judging from the pointers above, a large part of living the debt free life is dependent on developing a saving culture. The initial process may be challenging, but in the long run, it will safeguard and enhance the stability of the individual, according them a comfortable life.

Eileen Monks is a financial advisor who has helped many well-established businessmen acquires quick personal loans to help them remain financially afloat. With his help, many have been able to secure the start-up money they lacked; thereby helping them realizes their business dreams.

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