Understanding How Student Loan Debt Affects Your Credit Score

Are you aware of the adverse impact of student loan on your credit score? The peculiarity of student loan is that it scores down your credit point though you have not defaulted on payment and just obtained the fund. The effect is so spontaneous that there is no scope of enjoying better interest rate.

Student loans can affect the credit scores in various ways. The credit score of 750 point is considered favourable to take advantage of lower interest rate but student loan pulls down the score to 500 or below, thereby leaving you no chance to take advantage of favourable interest rate. As a result, a chunk of your money goes towards interest payment that is quite a heavy sum to bear.

The question is why student loan has so harsh impact on one’s credit ranking. To understand this point, you need to know the complexities involved in student loan transaction.

Here are some of the facts you need to know about the student loans and what you need to do:

Exaggeration of Truth

Yes, that is a common case in student loan borrowing. The amount recorded in the credit report sheet is the triplicate of actual sum you borrowed. For example, if you have taken out $6000 as student loan, it will be entered as $18000 in your credit report. This false statement exacerbates your case not only in terms of drop in credit point but also through the hike in interest rate on principal. The huge amount in your credit score report is likely to affect your ability to borrow more loans in the future. A healthy credit score is essential to borrow loans from the right lenders. With bad credit score you can only attract a few lenders and the terms of loans may not be practical. Make sure that your credit report has the actual facts and not the exaggerated numbers.

Early Payment Lowers Score

It is hard to believe that early payment negatively impacts one’s credit score instead of pushing it up. But that is the oddity about student loan. The point is the lenders don’t want to lose additional interest rate and never want the borrowers to payback before due date of payment. If you pay off before the scheduled period of time, the creditors might send an unfavourable report to the credit agencies and that will result into further drop in your credit rank.

Paying off your students loans as early as possible is a good thing. But, for many it may not be possible to pay off loans easily. But meeting the monthly instalments requirements towards paying off your debts can help you create a good score. If you have student loans then make sure you pay the monthly instalments without missing any of them.

Long Time of Repayment Drops Your Score

The usual period of repayment for student loan is minimum ten years. Such a long time span induces an unfavourable impact on your credit report. Though the repayment term is agreed by both the parties, still the credit report mentions ‘too long to pay back a debt’ which adversely affects your credit history. Another disadvantage is even a single student loan may be recorded in such a way that equates with seven different types of borrowing. This also scales down your credit point.

It is essential that you make an arrangement where you can pay off your loans on great terms. You can always consult your lenders and let them know how you wish to pay off your debt. If it is possible for you to pay off the loan as early as possible then let the lenders know it. Make sure that you don’t drag your student loans repayment too long.

A Way Out….

In spite of what may be said against the student loan borrowing, it is a good pipeline of monetary resources for those who need support to afford higher education expenses. A good way to evade the negative impacts is to opt for consolidation of all existing loans. When the outstanding dues are combined, regular interest payment is reduced to much an affordable border.

Contact an experienced loan counsellor. You can also hire an online service provider to help you with consolidation program. The debt consolidation companies also extend help to those who need to improve their sliding credit score. Following these counter-active tips will help you pay off student loan sooner and at the same time, up your credit point.

The Bottom-Line

Student loans can help you meet the financial needs of your higher education. But they can affect your scores in many ways. It is important to understand how the student loans work. It is also important to know how to pay off student loans wisely so that your credit score remains in great health.

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