5 Ways To Beat Unpacking Procrastination

There’s no doubt that unpacking is an overwhelming task to do. After a tiring move, you would rather watch your favorite movie or TV show on a couch than unpack everything off.  Besides, the moment you unload all your moving boxes from the moving truck, you may find the effort of unpacking an unappealing thing to do afterward. Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of this task for a lifetime because living with a ton of boxes around your house isn’t good at all. Thus, you need to dive in and get it all done right away. So here’s how to beat unpacking procrastination from the get-go.

Set a deadline for yourself

If you’d not work on it now, how much later? Well, that’s pretty bad in dealing with unpacking procrastination. If you want to beat that not-so-good habit, begin by setting a deadline that would get all your unpacking tasks completely done.

  • However, make sure you’d stick with the date from start to finish. You can schedule something on that date like a barbecue party for your family and friends that would push you to work on the tasks beforehand. This is because knowing that other people are coming over means a signal for you to get everything unpacked before the scheduled date.
  • Besides, you want your house to look clean and nice the time your friends would come over.

Split up your tasks

Unpacking would be much easier if you break up the work and start with the easy ones. When you feel exhausted about the thought of unpacking, then you can find effective ways to make the entire task less paralyzing.

  • For example, you can start with the things that don’t require a lot of effort and planning to unpack like cables or books which are just easy to place right on the shelf.
  • While you have a transition from working on the easier one to the bigger one, you may also find taking breaks in between an ideal thing to do. Maybe you can unpack all your living room boxes, then go for a walk and come back to do the bedroom boxes.

Listen to music rather than watching TV

Indeed, unpacking alone can be boring. That’s why people tend to watch TV while doing the whole thing. Unfortunately, TV would just be a distraction especially if you’re watching your favorite TV show or movie.

  • Also, the time you spend for unpacking isn’t the perfect time for you to catch up the shows you miss throughout your move. Instead, playing music than TV would be better so you’d be able to pay more attention to the task at hand and not on the show.
  • Perhaps, listening to music can still entertain you without taking away your attention from what you’re doing. Another this is that unpacking while playing music is more productive.

Indulge yourself with rewards

Doing something you really don’t like to do after all results in procrastination.  However, you can’t forever procrastinate when it comes to your moving boxes.

  • Once you’ve lugged down all your boxes from the truck, the next big thing to do is to unpack them as soon as possible. Yet, there’s a voice in your head urging you to procrastinate on your unpacking tasks.
  • In order to beat it, try to find the balance between the things you want to do and you don’t want to do by indulging yourself with rewards. By doing so, you’d be encouraged to accomplish unpacking the right way.
  • You can start with small and easily achievable rewards that would eventually encourage action on your end. Repeat the whole process until you see a significant amount of progress later on.

Seek help from friends

Unpacking can be more enjoyable if you do it with friends. As a matter of fact, everything would be easier if there’s another set of helping hands. Hence, ask your friends to come over to help you with these tasks.

  • And instead of considering unpacking as a chore, you can turn it into a social activity where you and your friends can make fun with. For example, you can play games during a break or initiate one during the unpacking process.
  • Maybe the person who unpacks the fastest can have a reward in the end. On one hand, if your friends are unavailable, you can seek moving help from professionals found online.


Remember that there’s really nothing wrong with unpacking procrastination. However, it would be more efficient on your end to settle everything in your home and get to spend quality time on things you really want to be doing. Perhaps, the more you encourage your procrastination, the more you’d be dealing with tasks later on.

Hence, procrastination is worth beating for. So fight the drive to procrastinate by following the tips mentioned above. If you need moving help, you can find a professional like NYC moving company that can make the entire transition fast and stress-free.

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