Why Now is the Best Time to Start Studying Online

Have you ever sat down in the evening and spent hours endlessly scrolling through social media on your laptop, or wasted hours of your life watching the stream of funny cat videos on Instagram?

Even if you’re one of those people who religiously watches Ted Talks or you have a YouTube Premium subscription and you’ve filled your ‘watch later’ feed with a dazzling array of personal growth videos, you still might be wasting your time.

While that may seem like a harsh statement, watching videos and scrolling for hours on end is not improving your career prospects. Sure, you might learn how to plumb in a toilet by watching a video on YouTube, but if you have no intention of having a career as a plumber, that knowledge isn’t helping you in the long term.

Stop Wasting Time and Study

The very idea of studying may bring up horrible memories of being stuffed into lockers in high school, but as an adult, studying can be much more vibrant — and less claustrophobic! There are some amazing courses that you can take right from your living room and at a time and pace to suit you.

It’s important to note that studying online is not for everyone, but by following some insightful steps to success in studying online, you could be well on your way to having the career you deserve.

Why Now

Why not now? On a serious note, why not now? As the famous saying says, “we’re not getting any younger”. Career development only happens if you put in the effort to create those opportunities to succeed and grow.

With the current outbreak of COVID-19 still taking its toll on society, and with most of the world still under some form of lockdown, we may have found ourselves with a lot more time on our hands. And that istime that can be spent learning and developing into a better version of ourselves and a more productive version too.

Don’t Lose Time

There is also another reason to consider studying online now — a much deeper reason. All around the world are reports of people who are sick and losing their lives to this new virus, people who were previously fit and healthy and who thought that they had plenty of time left.

Do you really want to be a person who gets to old age and thinks, ‘I wish I’d done that’?

With the explosion in online study opportunities, with courses all over the world in hundreds of different topics, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot study something you deeply love and enjoy.

Taking the decision now to study online, to improve your career prospects, and to do something that you will truly enjoy and then make it your source of income, is a fantastic aim to have, especially in a world that seems so bleak right now.

As Irish poet and playwright George Bernard Shaw says in his play Pygmalion: “Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby”

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