Top Five Money Saving Tips on Life Insurance Premiums

Opting for a Life Insurance plan is always a sensitive issue. Few people feel it is mandatory whereas others think it is not necessary; however it does leave you safe in the knowledge that your family is financially secure after you’re gone. Friends and relatives might come forward to give moral support but generally do not turn up regarding money matters. This is a common scenario in today’s era.

Hence Life Insurance is the only solution to the above problem. It provides financial assistance to your family and off-springs so that they can succeed and fulfill their dreams in your absence.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is another type of insurance which can be utilized during a financial crisis or unexpected mishap. PPI claims is used to pay loans during emergencies or at a time when you are unable to make your payments. In cases such as a person loses his job, is bedridden due to an accident or prolonged illness or in the worst case, if a person has passed away. During such crises, the PPI claims to take over the responsibilities to pay your loan payments on time and help you to avoid paying penalties due to delay.

But, the important question arises on how to save money on insurance premiums? Insurance policy requires you to pay some kind of premiums in exchange for the benefits you will enjoy when the time comes.

Here are the top five tips following which you can save money on life insurance premiums:

Low investment is not always the best one:

The customer must always be sure of the policy before choosing one. It must be noted that the plan that has the least investment is not always the right choice. Accurate calculations must be done and analysis must be made as to whether your investment is in the right hands and whether you can achieve the monthly payments.

Since, insurance premiums are going to be a big part of your monthly or yearly bills, it is essential to choose an insurance policy based on your current financial state. The policies that require less investment may not provide you the cover you want. Comparing the premiums of various insurance policies does help in choosing the right one, and the one with achievable monthly payments.

Tax deductions:

This is another important factor of consideration while you choose your insurance company as well as the policy. Deductions of tax are dependent on the proposal is chosen. Always take the plan that best suits and satisfies your necessities. Also, the tax regarding the premiums of the PPI is deductible. Here you can claim the tax paid.

No-load policies:

No-load policies are insurance plans with low cost. As mentioned above a detailed study regarding the proposal is mandatory. These are generally purchased from advisors. These advisors take the complete fee at once and do not depend on commissions.

When it comes to how to save money on insurance premiums, the no-load policies can be one of the best of policy types. The absence of commissions makes is such a low costs affair. This kind of policy is known to allow faster cash accumulation and offers an affordable alternative to lower-income life insurance policyholders. The high cost of premiums may discourage the investors to buy insurance policy as they are afraid they may not meet the monthly or yearly premium payments. The no-load policy eliminates this need with its affordability. However, in the time of buying the policy examine the financial stability of the offer.

Guaranteed Policy:

Deciding on the strategy that best benefits you is the key goal. Do not choose a guaranteed issue policy if you do not need it because you will be paying high premiums.

The guaranteed issue life insurance is a kind of insurance policy that requires no prior health qualification. In this type of insurance, the company cannot deny the coverage as long as the premiums are being paid. Because the policyholders don’t need health qualification for policy benefits, the premiums are generally high for lower payouts than the conventional insurance policies. That is why you should only opt for it if you really need it.

Extend your policy:

Next on the list of how to save money insurance premiums tip is extending your current policy. Over the time your insurance coverage may change. The extension of your current policy will depend on the kind of policy you have now and the terms and conditions.

If you feel your requirement has changed then add proposals to your existing plan. Expanding your plan is more beneficial than buying a new one.


The above the five tips on how to save money on insurance premiums. An insurance policy is essential to everyone and needs deliberation when choosing the right one. Look for smarter ways to invest and extend to the coverage you need.

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