Tips On Saving Money While Being Fashionable – Save Money on Fashion

Hair is an essential element of any woman’s body. The hair can give shape to a woman’s face, body, and confidence. In a salon, hair makeover and hairstyle are the first services women ask.

If you visit, the experts say that the less-is-more approach on hairs usually is the best option. The lesser you fuss and fight, your hair will be more healthy, and you will be happier. The experts and stylists give their buckets of money-saving tips that can suit your beauty budget.

Use of ceramic metal round brush

Women spend more time doing their hair. The time of doing your hair will lessen with the use of ceramic metal around the bush. When you are blow-drying your hair, it can dry your hair faster, adding shine because the metal efficiently heats up. The brush stems some heat, and you can easily style using loose curls with the brush and blow dryer. The use of a ceramic-metal round brush will help cut spending of 40$ of hot roller sets and curling irons.

Emulsify and shake-up

Many women use too much of their high-end and expensive shampoos and conditioners. Indeed, you can save up and make those bottles last longer.

Squeeze a small drop into your palm then take several seconds of rubbing the shampoo or conditioner until it emulsifies into a rich lather. Remember that products like these shampoos are highly concentrated. If you are not aware, you will end up putting too much liquid and lose more money in your pocket.

Try using the balayage highlights

When summer, lighten your locks with highlights. Try the authentic-looking version called balayage. It is popularized by celebrities like Gisele Bündchen. The Balayage makes you sexy, subtle and requires little to no upkeep. It places the color casually through the hair with a pattern that naturally reflects the lightening of sun exposure.

Cover the part line

If you wish to cover grays, regrowth can be your battle. You temporarily mask the looks of grays with a hair dye pen-like Color Mark. However, if you wish to save 100 percent of your money, consider having gray hair as a new style and build your confidence.

Bangs are cheaper than Botox

Some women hide the age with their hair. The wrinkles in the forehead can bother any woman that is getting older. A wisp set of bangs is a witty style. It can emphasize your beautiful eyes. Take the option of having a sheer that can elongate in length if you move horizontally across the forehead. Styling those bangs will only cost you a few bucks. But a laser to treat your wrinkles can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Make your own Keratin treatment

Keratin is a hot buzzing word when it comes to hair management. Keratin is a protein that forms and strengthens the foundation of the hair strand. You need not buy expensive keratin for enhancing products. You can do the following

  • Blend two tablespoons mayonnaise, one whole avocado, one tablespoon coconut oil and one tablespoon olive oil, and leave on for 20 minutes,
  • If there is no Mayo, apply jojoba or argan oil to freshly washed hair overnight. Then wash out in the morning and get a similar effect

Above all, take advantage of student’s nights. Many salons are offering discount prices of hair makeovers during school opening season or any student events. You can save money while becoming fashionable.

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