How To Save Money On Household Expenses

There are actually a lot of ways to save money on household expenses. The question is whether we are persistent in following them or give up midways just because we want freedom. From my personal experience, I do know that fiscal freedom can only be gained when you have enough of liquid funds. In this blog, I will show you some good money-saving tips on household expenses. You can add more to this list, however, make sure to commit yourself to following them with patience and persistence.

Save on Electricity

  • Switch off your air conditioner if the house is empty: If you are away for several hours, switch off the air con instead of letting it run full blast. Adopting other power-saving measures like turning off AC in the morning and at night will also show a magical impact on your electric bill. Adjust the thermostat manually by 5-8 degrees, it will also add to your saving on monthly power bill. 
  • Clean the filter or replace it: Check your AC filter regularly. Dust builds on them quickly, thereby prohibiting adequate amount of air from passing through and cooling the room. It won’t take much time to clean the filter and you can do so on your own. However, problem is people often forget to do that. If the filter is clean, your air con will run at the peak of its capacity which will reduce the electric bill too. If the filter has gone bad, replace it as immediately as possible. 
  • Install a programmable thermostat: By installing a programmable thermostat, you can make sure to add more to saving on household expenditure. Regulate the temperature as required instead of letting it run at same level. Whenever you will be sleeping or going out, adjust the set-back temperature automatically. 
  • Use solar panels: There are unlimited options to save electricity. Think about using alternative energy like sunlight. You will get abundance of it and don’t have to pay a price for the same. The hitch is that solar panel is expensive, however, you will get dividends for a long span of time, may be throughout lifetime. 

Save on Fuel Charge

  • Use pressure cooker: Everyone knows that boiling is done fast in pressure cooker. Alternatively, you can cover your pan with a lid.
  • Buy a solar cooker: It is a much advertised way to save your fuel charge. It will save your time for cooking. You can cook multiple dishes at a time. Don’t worry, taste will be wonderful. You can also use induction or microwave system of cooking; it will add a little to your power bill but save a lot on your fuel charge.

Save on unnecessary expenses

You may need to take a hard look at your ‘miscellaneous’ expenses. The shorter the list, better will it be for you. Don’t buy anything just because it appeals to you. Be focused on ‘utility’ factor. Try to mange with inexpensive things, especially at the end of the month when you are tight on your budget.

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