The Freedom Debt Relief Program Could Help with Your Next Job

Credit card debt impacts so much more than just your credit score. Yes, credit scores do affect your ability to finance big ticket items like homes and vehicles. And if you are overextended with credit card debt or behind on these bills, your score will be lower than those who pay their bills on time. However,

 this is not the only way that credit card debt can wreak havoc on you. If you have high credit card debt, it could also hurt your ability to find a job, regardless of what your score is. Fortunately, Freedom Debt Relief could help.

Credit Card Debt and Your Career

Finding the right job can be stressful, especially if you are trying to enter a highly competitive market. You need the right skills, a strong resume, and the credentials to prove that you are the person for the job. Even if you have it all, you may still be one of several candidates. So, how do companies decide which person is the best person for the job?

Different businesses have different processes for hiring, but one common thread for many companies is that they want to run a credit report on candidates. This is especially common in financial and banking industries. If you are handling other people’s money, these businesses want to know that you can manage your own finances first. Now, they will not see your credit score and they cannot examine your report without your permission, but if you apply for a job that requests to look at it, can you really say no?

To ensure that your credit report helps you in your job search rather than hindering it, you need to take steps to make sure that it is in good shape. Programs like Freedom Debt Relief could help.

Steps to Improve Your Credit Report

The first step to improving your credit report is to know what is on it. Get a free copy of your report to examine it. There are plenty of ways to go about this. In fact, most credit cards these days offer free credit reports to their customers.

Once you have obtained a copy of your report, examine it thoroughly. Look for any discrepancies and challenge them. Sometimes there are things that wind up on your report that are just not true, and they can have a negative impact on it. However, according to the terms of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, if you dispute something, the credit bureau must investigate it. If they cannot verify the information they must remove it from your report.

After you have eliminated the discrepancies, take a good, honest look at the remaining information on the report. What does this data reveal about your spending habits, or your ability to pay your bills on time?

If your credit report does not paint a good picture of you, then you need to address this. Not only does it impact your ability to be hired in certain industries, a bad report can also affect your ability to rent a home, purchase a new cell phone, or even secure affordable utility services.

Paying your bills on time is a component of your credit score. But what if you fell behind on your bills because you simply cannot afford to pay them? What if they have gotten out of control? If this is the case, Freedom Debt Relief could help you put your debt behind you.

Freedom Debt Relief and Credit Card Debt

Freedom Debt Relief is the largest debt negotiator in the nation. It has helped over 400,0000 customers resolve more than $6 billion dollars in debt. They could help you resolve your credit card debt quickly and for significantly less than what you owe.

Their Certified Debt Consultants are here to help you find the right solution for your situation. They will evaluate your debt and go over your resolution options. There is no fee and no obligation when you call to get help.

Need to get your credit report in shape for the sake of your career? We could help you resolve your debt so that your report shows that you’ve paid or settled your financial obligations.

Give us a call or contact us online to start your free evaluation today!

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