The Best Areas in Sydney to Buy Property

If you have decided to relocate and Sydney is your choice destination, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. Sydney is one of the most sought-after living locations, alongside Brisbane, and the land prices reflect this. Of course, some areas are more sought after than others, and with that in mind, here is a brief description of some of the preferred areas of Sydney.

  • Ashfield – Located south west of the CDB, Ashfield ticks all the boxes, and one that has experienced ongoing growth regarding property value. With expert Sydney mortgage advice from the team of brokers at Mint Equity, you can view some of the best properties available, and should you see something you like, the broker can ensure you have a home loan preapproval, and you can make an offer.
  • Balmain – An affluent suburb west of the CBD, Balmain hosts some really great restaurants, and is indeed very walkable. Darling Street is an absolute delight, with bakeries, and eateries in stunning Victorian buildings, and this area performs as you would expect with regard to real estate prices. Be prepared to bump into a few celebrities, who happen to inhabit the quaint sandstone cottages, and should you invest in a property in Balmain, you are sitting on a rock-solid investment that will pay major dividends one day. There’s also a great blog about Balmain and the many attractions, which is recommended reading for anyone who is looking to relocate to Balmain.
  • Bexley – This suburb simply has to make the list, about 14km from the CBD, Bexley is a mixture of residential and commercial buildings. Lots of shops, and a few nice parks if you like early morning walks. Talk to a leading independent mortgage broker, who would know of the best properties available in this suburb, known for its very friendly inhabitants.
  • Cammeray – Situated on the lower north shore, Cammeray consists mainly of two storey residential properties, with streets that are well-manicured, with more than a hint of green. Ideal if you are a nature lover, and with the CBD not far away, you are perfectly situated. Once you source an established mortgage broker, they can help you to find the right home loan, then you can begin to view properties.
  • Coogee– A coastal suburb to the south east of the CBD, Coogee is currently being developed, making it a great investment opportunity, as well as being a nice neighbourhood to live in. This is one of the more attractive areas of Sydney, and with a wide range of amenities nearby, Coogee makes for a great place to call home.

Of course, a lot depends upon your lifestyle, and all of the above suburbs offer much, while also being among the highest property value rises in the city. Find a proactive mortgage broker, who can help you get the right home loan, and they would also be in the know regarding attractive properties that are on the market.

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