Room by Room: Gathering Extra Cash for Christmas

You may well already have all of your Christmas presents bought, and the cupboards stocked with festive food, but that doesn’t mean the holidays haven’t left you with a Santa-shaped hole in your pocket. Most people could do with a little bit of extra cash around Christmas and in the bleak January that follows. With this in mind, this little guide will help you think of things that you can sell by going room to room and collecting unwanted items.

Living Room

There are now numerous sites out there that make selling things like DVDs, Blu-Rays and games very easy indeed. Often all you need to do is input the barcode of the item you want, and you’ll be given an immediate value, as long as everything is in working order. The service provider may even collect all of the things to sell, which makes this a very easy way of making money. Once you start looking through your living room cupboards, you’ll realise just how many things you have that you don’t watch or play anymore.


The kitchen is a little bit harder, but there’s still treasure to be found. There are few houses that won’t have a few unwanted appliances stashed away, whether it’s that bread maker from a few years ago, or the ice-cream maker someone bought for you last Christmas. These kinds of items won’t fetch a lot, but it’s worth putting them in your local classifieds, or perhaps on a site like eBay. You can make a reasonable amount, and more importantly create some new space. While you’re at it, consider collecting up any non-perishable food items such as tins and cans, and donating them to a local charity or homeless shelter.


The bedroom will be the place that varies for most people. Clothes can make a decent return on sites like eBay, but generally only if they’re in good condition. Unworn women’s clothes, dresses in particular, tend to do very well, so if there’s anything in your wardrobes still with tags on, then you should definitely think about moving them on. The other major treasure trove is your jewellery box. Companies such as H&T will buy any of your unwanted jewellery, with gold a particularly good seller. Pawnbrokers will often buy even broken gold jewellery, as it’s still got a very good scrap value.

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