The 6 Psychological Triggers Can Cause Overspending

Shopping can be psychological in nature. You may buy stuff that you don’t need or even when you don’t have money. Having a credit card gives you the power to buy stuff with the money you don’t have. The itch to buy stuff just because you feel like it is triggered by many things. Spending money on shopping can be satisfying for people for different reasons. This article will look at some of the things that trigger such feelings.

We all love spending money. But have you ever thought of what will happen if we are to overspend as much as we want? Let’s check it out. There are many causes of overspending. Understanding these triggers can help you avoid overspending in the future.

Here are some of the psychological triggers that make you spend more money:

1. Stress Shopping or Retail Therapy

People may spend money on hopping in order to relive their problems such as anxiety, and stress. In our daily life, we face many challenges get many works to do which leave us stressed at the end of the day. Stress has now been a part of our life. To move our attention we try out our hand at shopping. Several times we tend to buy many unnecessary things to hide our anxiety. People’s life has changed immensely now they have good bucks to spend, big cars to troll, big houses to live. The changing profile of people has changed everything. Now they are spending much.

2. Over Indulgence

People who overspend while shopping is triggered by things like their lifestyle of overindulgence. They indulge themselves to the fashion, lifestyle and all other stuff. We live in a rat race world every person is looking to bow down the other person. Everyone is running for nothing. After a person has lived a certain way for a while and suddenly find themselves in a bad economic situation, it is hard to give it up.

3. Flaunt Status

Many of us get indulged in spending money to just flaunt our status to the other person. We tend to compete with each other and want to left the other person far behind. Just to flaunt our buck’s power. Spending $X on a haircut, $Y on a designer dress, $Z on a new pair of shoes, and maybe $$ on a facial every other week sounds ridiculous to most. For many people it makes them feel something different from the others. They think no one can afford the things that they can. Some people compete with others just to prove they can have what others can’t – like the latest iPhone or car or laptop or anything that is new and expensive.

The impression is good as far as it is limited to some person. If you overspend on much stuff to impress others then definitely you are in danger. It’s not worth it to flow your money in a quest to impress others. For example, by picking up the bill for a meal at a restaurant you are just trying to impress others.

4. Active Social Life

An active social life can also have psychological triggers that make people spend too much money. People are now social than in the early time. We’ve got many friends; social life is getting very busy. We always think about our friends, colleagues. We always find a way to spend the money. Whether it is the birthday of any of our friend or on any other occasion, we are no behind in spending money.

5. East Credit Cards

The credit card is one of the major causes of the overspending. A credit card gives you the freedom to spend as much as you want. Even you can shop online in the comfort of your home. It doesn’t give any account of the detail we’ve spent on. And when we check our credit status then we get shocked. Everything you need to shop is just one click away. According to an estimate, the use of a credit card is going to be double in a decade. Many people choose this because they need not carry money into their wallet. This has led us to overspend.

6. Saving Psychology

Sometimes people think if they buy stuff on sale they are going to save a lot. This is a psychological trigger that can cause people to overspend. Whenever you see the sign “sale” your brain automatically start telling you that buying stuff now will save money. By focusing on the saving part you forget how much you have to spend. This is one of the triggers that can actually put you in troubles.

The Bottom-Line

Living in the world of consumerism isn’t easy. You are constantly bombarded with options to buy. Unfortunately, the current environment can create psychological triggers that can make you spend more by making your brain make excuses for the act.

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