Personal Finance

How Do I Choose A Financial Adviser?

Finding a financial adviser is a big step, and there’s no “one size fits all” option. Your own specific set of needs and criteria will determine the best FA for you, but do you really know what you’re looking for? When it comes to selecting a financial adviser, there are some questions you should ask yourself to ensure you’re connecting ...

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Pre-planning Your Funeral, a Wise Financial Decision

Funeral Homes

Some people will avoid this subject like the plague, but planning ahead is often the most financially responsible decision you can make. Many people may think their life insurance policies are enough to cover these final expenses. This is not always the case, and planning ahead spares bereaved families from dealing with minute details. Many people may not feel comfortable ...

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Save for Retirement Through These Key Channels

Preparing for retirement is something that almost everyone worries about, but a lot of people aren’t saving enough. For some, it’s not possible to save or invest enough money for their future, but others just leave it too late. You need to start thinking about your retirement savings as soon as possible to ensure that you’ll have enough to live ...

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Quick Solution for Unexpected Money Problems

Financial life is a difficult and unexpected issue for many men and women. And when a real financial crisis happens, they become completely helpless and lose the last tranquility. The main reason for such monetary problems is the absence of planning and making budget. They simply have no financial habits to control their spending and make savings. The other problem ...

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Room by Room: Gathering Extra Cash for Christmas

You may well already have all of your Christmas presents bought, and the cupboards stocked with festive food, but that doesn’t mean the holidays haven’t left you with a Santa-shaped hole in your pocket. Most people could do with a little bit of extra cash around Christmas and in the bleak January that follows. With this in mind, this little ...

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7 Golden Rules for Personal Financial Management

Personal Finance Management

Personal financial management is an important part of any person. Mismanagement can lead to debt, bankruptcy and all kinds of a financial rut. So, it’s essential to be in control of the finances. Some may find managing personal finances challenging. But with so many resources now available, you can easily turn around your current financial situation. With simple and practical ...

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Why Personal Finance Management Should Be Taught at School

Personal finance management should be included in the  subjects taught in primary and/or secondary education. Such a measure will help make sure that young people turn out better versed in savings and even in loans. This can be an appropriate preparation for the students to become responsible and knowledgeable adults in the future who are familiar about how to effectively ...

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Don’t Show Me the Money!

A cashless society was once the stuff of science fiction. It is hard to image when living in a world in which every wallet held banknotes and coins, but the movement towards a cashless society has begun and it is fast gaining pace. It might just be that before we know it, we’ll be living in a world of digital ...

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