Citi Cash Card – A Simple Cash Rebate Credit Card

The Citi Custom Cash Card is the ideal credit card for those who need an all-around cash bonus. The Citi card is perfect for cash-back rewards junkies. The Citi card also provides a cash bonus program for those who prefer to earn more points than cashback rewards. The Citi cash card is intended for those who wish to make purchases using their credit cards. The card has earned the prestigious approval from financial institutions such as Bank of America, Chase, and Discover Card. The Citi card can give you cash rebates, store discounts, airline miles, gas rebates, cash back on many purchases, and other cash-back rewards.

Redeeming Rewards Points:

Cash-back cards are great for those who like to shop, but do not want the hassle of redeeming reward points at the end of each month. A cash-back rewards card allows cardholders to receive cash for every cent they spend. Citi offers cash-back cards with varying interest rates. Citi custom cash card holders have the option to choose the best cash-back cards that suit their needs. The Citi custom cash card should provide great value to cardholders and rewards specialists alike because it automatically rewards the top spending group each billing period.

Earn More Points:

The Citi custom cash card allows cardholders to earn more points than normal by charging items purchased using their plastic card. Cardholders earn more points than normal by spending up to a certain limit on their purchases and by referring new customers. Cardholders earn more points than normal when they charge items that are part of a gift, vacation, or rebate plan.

Select Variety of Plans:

The Citi custom cash card allows cardholders to select from a variety of plans including the Gold, Silver, and Blue rewards programs. The Platinum rewards program allows cardholders to redeem rewards points for travel miles, cash back, business expenses, and entertainment in the form of video games, electronics, apparel, and accessories. Cardholders who spend at least twice a month on their Citi cash back card can qualify for an annual 500 cap. The 500 cap helps cardholders save money on interest payments by paying only the interest on the lower monthly balance after the first year.

Reward Categories at Special Rate:

Cardholders who make regular purchases of at least $1000 annually will qualify for the Gold rewards rate program. The Citi cashback card allows cardholders to get a special rate on their cash back when making purchases in the following reward categories: department store products, home appliances, electronics, furniture, and dining room and beverage accessories. The Blue reward categories offer a 0% interest rate on purchases made in the 3 determining departments: travel, entertainment, and dining. Rewards are also available for gasoline purchases, automobile expenses, and business expenses.

Citi provides you with a simple application form so you can start building your Citi cash welcome bonus quickly. You can also find out your eligibility status at any time during the application process. Once you complete the application and agreement, you will be processing and receiving your cash rebate. With the help of Citi, you can enjoy the benefits of earning cash, rewards, and savings.

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