Auto Loans

It is no more a luxury to own a two-wheeler or four-wheeler.  For some, it has become very necessary to purchase a vehicle for personal or commercial use. The desired vehicle could be an exotic and expensive one; a local brand, a heavy-duty vehicle for commercial use or a two-wheeler for daily ride, an auto loan can help the owner purchase without paying upfront.


Banks provide Auto Loans to help with purchase of a used or new commercial or private vehicle. These are mostly secured loans for which the vehicle acts as collateral. Auto loans are approved to borrowers after considering a lot of factors including their credit score, income, repay ability etc.  The repayment of the loan is done in equal monthly installments for a certain period (12-84 months) rather than paying the amount in full at the time of purchase.

Car Title Loans

How to Determine if a Car Title Loan is Right for You

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Auto Loan

Is Subprime Auto Loan a Harbinger of a Financial Crisis?

My previous article was on a subprime mortgage. In that article, I very briefly talked about deep subprime loans in the automobile industry and how it could trigger a crisis. Later, I felt this topic requires an elaborate discussion and decided to churn out a new article focused exclusively on it. So in this article, I am going to discuss ...

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