Is There Any Value in Investing in Australian Silver Coins?

Are silver coins a good investment and should you buy them? This is a tricky question to answer–especially the second part of it–but there are some genuine reasons that advocate buying and investing in silver coins. So, what are the things that make buying/investing in silver coins a good choice? Let’s find out.

Why Investing in Silver Coins Makes Sense

Investing in Australian silver coins is a good choice and here’s why: what goes up must come down. This is both the law of nature and the law of gravity. This law also holds true for the physical world and the financial markets, and you don’t need an above average IQ to figure all of this out. Observe the stock market and you’ll see the market increasing and then correcting itself. This is a pattern that you can easily predict. However, predicting the timing of such patterns is extremely difficult for most people. If that wasn’t the case, we would have thousands, if not millions, of billionaires today.

The reality is that no one can accurately predict the pattern of the market. For this reason, investing in the stock market is extremely risky. However, there is a good news: you don’t have to enter the market completely unprotected. Regardless of how the market plays, you will be in a fairly safe place if you invest in precious metals such as silver coins. In addition to the above, there are some other reasons to invest in silver coins. Let’s take a look at them.

Rising Demand

Each day, we’re witnessing a surge in the demand for silver coins and it won’t be long before there is a sliver-coin shortage. You could make a substantial profit from your investment if you hold silver coins at that time. In short, the rising demand for the coin is a great reason for you to invest in silver coins.

Tax Free Investment

As they are classified as bullion coins, pure silver coins in Australia are free from government standard tax or GST. This makes them a great investment. However, it is important to know that not all silver coins are considered pure. So, if buy coins that aren’t 99.99% pure, you may have to pay tax for holding them.

You Can Use It as Real Money

Unlike investments such as futures, ETFs or certificates, physical silver such as silver coins can be used as money to buy and sell. Just like gold coins, silver coins can hold their intrinsic value across cultures and across time. This makes buying/investing in silver coins a good choice.

Cheap to Buy

Unlike gold coins, silver coins aren’t out of range for most people. An Oz of silver coin costs significantly less than the same of a gold coin. So, silver coins should be your automatic choice if you’re looking for a cheap precious metal to invest in.

There’s value in investing in silver coins and the aforementioned-things are the reason why.

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