How Availing of a Personal Loan can Help Boost the Credit Score

In today’s money market, personal loans are the most preferable credit option. It is a type of “unsecured” loan which signifies that banks do not take any collateral from a borrower for security purposes. The eligibility for acquiring a personal loan depends upon the credit score of a consumer. A good credit score reflects that a borrower is financially responsible as well as capable enough to repay the loan. Apart from the thing that the approval of a personal loan largely depends on the borrower’s credit score, an individual can also avail a personal in order to boost his credit score. A personal loan for a good credit score is significantly important.

A good credit score plays a very crucial role in determining the eligibility of a consumer to avail a personal loan.

What is A Credit Score?

A credit score is a 3-digit number which reflects the individual’s credit history. It shows the goodwill that a person holds in the credit market. It is calculated based on the credit history of a person. A lender evaluates a loan seeker’s credit score to estimate his ability to repay the loan. The credit score ranges between 300 and 850. A credit score of 700 or more than that is considered good enough for a consumer, for personal loan apply. A consumer possessing a good credit score can avail a personal loan at a lower interest rate than the usual. It also determines the amount of loan that would be sanctioned by the lender. To boost your credit score, you can consider going for personal loan apply. How can this be done? Before learning this, it is important to know how a credit score is calculated.

How Credit Score Is Calculated?

A credit score is calculated based on the following five factors:

  • Repayment history – The most important factor is the repayment history of a borrower as it shows how sincerely he repays his debts. Regular EMI payments improve an individual’s credit score. One should maintain a consistent and scheduled repayment record to secure a good credit score.
  • Total credit owed by a person – The total amount of loan taken by a person is also a factor that is taken into account for calculating his credit score. It is important because it shows the borrower’s current repayment ability.
  • Length of credit history – The time period of a loan is also taken into account to calculate the credit score because it helps in providing more data of repayment history of the borrower and also shows his long-term history in the credit market.
  • Type of credit – The previous credit records of a consumer are evaluated to understand which type of credit was taken by him/her. Usually, a large number of unsecured credits amounts to a poor credit rating. Try to maintain a mixed bag of secured and unsecured credits.

How Can Personal Loan Boost Your Credit Score?

A personal loan is repaid through regular monthly installments(EMIs), which is usually a long term process. As it has been noted, credit scores highly depend upon repayment history of a borrower. Therefore, a long credit history would help in building a good credit score. Personal loans have higher interest rates than other secured loans. A person who potentially pays his/her EMIs is considered to be faithful and responsible.

However, one may also follow the given guidelines to boost his credit score by a personal loan apply-

  • Loan seekers who do not have any collateral/mortgage to submit as a security to the banks cannot avail a secured loan. These people usually have a low credit score. Availing a personal loan can help them to boost their credit score. If one possesses a good monthly income and has maintained goodwill with a bank, they can avail a personal loan and use it to increase their credit score.
  • A person who has never taken any credit from the money market can avail a small amount of personal loan by buying any durable good (like a laptop, refrigerator etc.) and build a basic credit score. If one repays such small loans without any failure, he can achieve a decent credit score.
  • Unlike credit cards, where a person has to pay the debt as a whole, a personal loan has fixed repayment terms which bound a borrower to be consistent with his/her repayment process. Regular scheduled repayment helps to increase a borrower’s credit score.
  • Do not apply for multiple loans in different banks at the same time. Everytime a person applies for a loan, banks conduct a detailed enquiry on their profile, known as a hard enquiry, which lowers the credit score.
  • Avoid closing a personal loan prematurely. It affects a loan tenure which has a negative impact on the credit score of a borrower.
  • Use a personal loan for debt consolidation. It would help you manage your payments consistently which is important for a good credit score. You may personal loan apply to pay all your outstanding debts.

A personal loan apply is a very convenient and consumer-friendly credit facility. It not only helps in boosting a person’s credit score but also helps one to manage their debts with ease.

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