Great Places in London For Young Professionals

The hub and heart of Britain, London is an obvious destination for ambitious young professionals looking to get their foot on the career ladder and climb. Since working in London most conveniently requires living in London, finding nice but affordable properties to rent in the UK, is a requirement for the large bulk of young workers arriving in from outside of the capital.

Here are a few great places in London for young professionals.

South London’s Gems

South London neighbourhoods Clapham, Wimbledon, Battersea, Borough and Wandsworth are good, cost-effective places to live for young professionals. Generally more up-and-coming than other sides of London, South of the river boasts a wealth of places to live that might not be swanky, chic or particularly vibrant, but are affordable and therefore, ideal for workers on a budget.

Like most places in London, these neighbourhoods have swift and direct access to London’s more lively areas.

Affordability and Trendiness in East London

If you’re looking for something more chic and vibrant, East London is a fantastic option that’s not incredibly expensive. While areas like Shoreditch are typically expensive – since it’s located very near to Liverpool Street – there is an array of more affordable areas that combine cost-effectiveness and trendiness. Places such as Bethnal Green, Islington, Wapping, Angel and Shoreditch are where you should be looking at if you want a mixture of energy and affordability.

For Those Who Aren’t On A Budget: West London

In general, West London boasts the capital’s nicest places to live in. Areas such as Chelsea, Kensington, South Kensington and Notting Hill are very expensive, beautiful and quintessentially English. Such places are also vibrant and very near to the hub of the city, making them ideal living locations – for the rich and wealthy.

North of the River

North London boasts an array of nice areas to live in, however prices are typically costly. Furthermore, costly and more pleasant than vibrant, North London’s areas are generally tailored more for families than young professionals. However, there are a few areas that are good lively choices for young professionals, such as Islington and Angel.

In essence, the characteristics that most young professionals will want in a London home, are low crime rates, vibrancy, affordable rates and good accessibility to London’s core. London boasts several areas with these characteristics – with affordability being particularly prevalent in South London and East London.

Words Of Advice For Those Moving To London

It is important that those looking to rent out a property in London ensure that they visit and properly check out the property first. There are unfortunately many circumstances in which people pay money to a company or individual renting out a property, only to realise that the representative had nothing to do with the property.

Furthermore, it is always best to deal with landlords that hire property management companies such as Rentify, since such businesses tend to look after the maintenance of properties much more efficiently than a landlord would.

Areas with high crime levels should of course be avoided. It is always best to research online the crime levels of any areas you may be interested in moving to.

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