5 Examples of Great Merchandise You Can Sell on Your Online Store

Increasing brand awareness is a big part of what makes a business successful, and while engaging with your followers on social media and creating excellent marketing campaigns is part of that, selling merchandise on your online store can help with this type of promotion as well. You can sell this branded merchandise alongside your usual products, and you can also use them for events such as trade fairs, charity fundraisers, festivals, and so on. Here are some examples of the best merchandise you can sell that your customers will have a use for.

1.    Apparel

Branded clothing is always a big seller, as many people like to show their support for their favorite brands through their sense of style. Furthermore, these items are practical and can be used time and time again. If it’s cold, a comfortable, cozy sweater is what many people will reach for. T-shirts with a company’s logo or tagline are also popular choices, as are hats and socks. You can see a variety of branded clothing ideas at anthembranding.com if you need some inspiration.

2.    Reusable Water Bottles and Travel Mugs

More and more people are growing concerned over their impact on the environment, and as a result, many are trying to find ways to be eco-friendlier in their everyday lives. The use of reusable water bottles and travel mugs in recent years has been steadily increasing, so why not show your customers that your business is trying to help the environmental effort as well? Of course, a green initiative for your company is the best way to do this, but in terms of merchandise, selling branded reusable bottles and travel mugs for your customers to use is ideal.

3.    Stationery

Pens, pencils, notebooks, stamps, and folders are all practical items that people can use every day. Whether it’s to jot things down at home such as a grocery shopping list, or helping them to stay organized at work, having quality stationery at hand is always useful. These are items that your customers are likely to need, so why not offer them some stationery with your brand’s logo on it? Or some other quirky designs that reflect your company’s style? You could even include diaries and calendars in your branded merchandise collection, too.

4.    Coffee Mugs

Another popular choice when it comes to branded merchandise is coffee mugs. Again, these can be used both in the office and at home, and everyone has a favorite mug that they love to use. It’s easy to get your brand’s logo onto these items, and if you happen to sell wines or beers, or other beverages, why not sell some branded glassware, too? You could even take it one step further and sell branded tea and coffee pots, too.

5.    Badges & Pins

Last, but not least, you could have some branded enamel pins and badges created for your customers to purchase via your online store. These can be put on people’s coats, jackets, and even their bags as a sign of support for your brand, and can also make excellent small touches to gift bags at your next corporate event, too!

If you want to start selling branded merchandise to your customers alongside your other products, consider the suggestions above and see how popular they can be.

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