Category: Blogging

Blogging is a unique marketing trick of writing and managing blogs online.  It basically started out as a mean to maintain an online personal journal or web log; covering topics of interest of the blogger, his/her daily stories, skills, ideas, views, opinions and more.  The term blogging has come from “web log” which refers to an ongoing diary of information. Like the most innovative options on the Internet, blogging has been found to have great marketing potential. Not only a blog can help with marketing, but also can form the foundation for a home business and individual bloggers can monetize it.


Yes you’ve heard it right. Blogging can be an easy and steady way to make money, but you will have to learn how to do it right. From selling private ads/digital products/memberships and placing CPM/CPC ads or including affiliate links in blog content, you can try anything for it. If you are new, then don’t forget to explore different ideas and tools to make big time profit from blogging

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