Best Finance Comparison Websites in Singapore

Singapore, a top-notch metropolis in southeast Asia, can boast of a better level of financial literacy over these past few years. This is due to the skyrocketing of personal financial comparison websites in the country. These go- to research sites, provides its residents with the right information they need to make good cash decisions. They allow consumers to carry out an unbiased comparison of various pros and cons of different offers some of the best finance comparison websites Singapore are the following;

Loan Owl Singapore offers consumers a chance to compare the best credit cards, home loans, insurance, and investments. Their services are totally free. The process of comparing and applying is easy and only takes three steps

It is mainly a loan comparison site. This website has partnered with some of the major banks in Singapore to help consumers compare loans that can be paid over terms of up to 12 months to 84 months. According to the website, the consumer’s interest rate will mainly depend on personal circumstances.

It is one of Singapore’s newest comprehensive comparisn sites. This website offers consumers will all the latest bank information for all finacial products. In addition, the website offers a broadband, travel insurance, and money transfer comparison.

Having started as a simple morgagecompariosn company, has now stretched its services to empower users to compare loans, insurance covers, and credit cards. It is also operational in Indonesian and Hong Kong.

Another valuable site is The site is designed to maily help clients with home loans. whether the laona are for refinancing or for new property purchase. It helps consumers grade different banks by constantly monitorng the perfomance of different banks through customers feddbacks.

It is also good to note that some of these sites do offer exclusive offers for people that sign up for their services.

Since these finance comparison websites offer genuine and objective reviews, they have great potential to provide their customers with great value financial services. It is advisable that you seek their services before making any major financial decision.

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