A Healthy staff is a Productive Staff

The challenge of working abroad has many facets; language and culture, work conditions, schooling if taking a family, and health personal and for family members. A  UK resident usually has all the various policies in place to cover life in general but the situation changes for anyone spending periods abroad even if it does not involve residence overseas.

Someone with a family has many things to consider; it is not just a personal issue. Children’s schooling will certainly be high on the list of priorities and sometimes it is difficult to imagine what to expect. There are more identifiable issues and one of them is most certainly health; effective job productivity can depend on it.

Variable medical facilities

While the UK has advanced medical care that is not always the case abroad, and certainly some assignments that may be in countries regarded as ‘Third World’ especially in the field will pose problems.

Budapest; enjoy the scenery with peace of mind having expat health insurance

Image Credit Wikimedia Commons Ian Pitchford

There is only one way to tackle the problem of living and working abroad and that is to seek advice about all the things that UK residents take for granted when living at home. It is possible that there is expertise within a company sending an employee abroad so that everything is organised properly. It may be that this is an independent venture in which case research needs to be done to ensure everything is covered.

Research and find

The best way to research for things like expat health insurance is to go online to the search engines and find a company that has experience throughout the world. Such expertise will have handled the issues of overseas workers many times before. The knowledge can be invaluable to someone venturing forth for the first time.

A UK private policy will not apply to overseas work but a policy taken out specifically for someone going abroad can provide for the best care in the new home or even a return to the UK if that is practical for the treatment.  Accidents happen and even the healthiest of families need proper protection. Using an independent UK broker means that the policy is subject to supervision by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).  That provides peace of mind that is valuable when so many new experiences may be on the immediate horizon.

Too complex a subject to leave to chance

Healthcare can be costly in many parts of the world. It is unrealistic to cover the cost of expert treatment. In some instances an overseas worker may have rights to treatment from state hospitals in the countries where they reside but that treatment may be limited and not sufficient to sort out a serious problem.

The use of an independent broker specialising in providing for ex pat life should be an easy decision to make. No one with health problems can operate effectively. The cost of cover is more than worthwhile to ensure a worker is productive. Personal peace of mind about all the family is essential in order to get the job done properly.

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