7 Reasons Why Cremation Is Best Option for Funerals

Losing someone close and dear is sad and hard to come in terms with. Funerals are held to say the last goodbye and give a proper farewell to the person. When it comes to funeral you have to two options: burial or cremation. There are many reasons why cremation is better than burials.

Burials are the traditional choices, which is quite understandable. You want to remember the person even when they are gone and visit a place where you can find them. But, more Americans are now choosing cremation for variety of reasons.

Here are some of the best reasons why cremation is such a great idea:

Its More Economical

Economical doesn’t mean that cremation is too cheap. Neither does it means that you don’t want to make an effort. Cremation is economical without losing the meaning or intent of a funeral service. The only thing you are going to lose is the burial ground and casket. You don’t have to pay for them and hence you are going to save money. Many people cannot afford to have an elaborate funeral service because of the additional cost. Choosing cremation allows you to hire a funeral house service and have a proper ceremony.

Its Environmentally Great

Everyone is now concerned with the welfare of the environment and the earth. Cremation is considered as environmentally viable option for various reasons. For instance, burial needs ground space. With the population increase, there will be increase in the need for the burial space.

A traditional burial needs a lot of things. The body needs to be embalmed with chemicals which can leak into the water tables. These chemicals can be very dangerous as sometimes they are cancerous in nature. Besides, the caskets are made from wood and will require cutting of trees. Mahogany wood doesn’t come cheap. All this could lead to a bad impact on the environment. With the cremation, it’s safer. The cremation takes place in controlled environment and doesn’t pollute the place.

Having an Urn is Great

Burials allow people to have a piece of land that holds the remaining of the beloved person. It helps people to remember the person even when they are gone. Cremation allows you to keep the ashes on the Urn, which is much more personal and beneficial in many ways. Without paying for the additional cost of casket and burial grounds, you can have a beautiful funeral ceremony. Cremation combines the traditional funeral ceremony and the efficiency of the modern times. This is one of the best reasons why you should opt for cremation.

You can Bury the Urn

After the cremation you may take the ashes in the Urn, spread them or you can bury them on the ground. But, unlike the traditional burials, you don’t need a casket or large burial ground. A small section of the land will do. There are sometimes multiple urns buried on the same piece of the ground. It’s practical and efficient and many people are now opting for such options.

Easier to handle

You can have cremation without the funeral service as well. Funerals are expensive and the cost can go up to $7000. Cremations are easier to handle. If you choose burials you cannot take the piece of land with you when you move to some other place. But after cremation, you can keep the ashes in the Urn and take them wherever you go. This is one of the important things about the cremation.

You can have cremation without the funeral service. You can have the service at home or anywhere else.

Time-saving option

Burials take time and money. They usually come with a fixed time frame. If you choose burial you will have to hold a funeral ceremony at least within a week. After this the body would decompose and everything will become more complicated. On the other hand cremation takes less time and they are quick and easy. You can hold the service later on as ashes do not come with any time limitation. You can also take the ashes with you in case the person died in foreign land and needs to be taken home. This is one thing that makes cremation all the more desirable.

Create a great Memory

With the cremation, you have the option of choosing any kind of Urn you want. What more, you can have the Urn in your home, office or any place you want. It will always be there with you. You can also pay tribute by decorating the Urn. You can even have jewelries and monuments to hold the ashes and forever preserve the memory of the loved done.


When it comes to funeral, cremation has many benefits to offer. Its economical, practical, time-saver and most of all you can create great memory and keep the Urn with you.

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