5 Best Economics Careers to Consider in 2019

If you have an affinity for finances and you’re adept at analyzing linkages between consumers, products and trends, a career in economics is a lucrative and rewarding way to put your skills to work. One of the many great things about this type of job is that it encompasses a much wider range of career paths than just being an economist.

If you have an esteemed certification such as a Boston College economics degree, you can enter a variety of sectors including healthcare, finance and banking, government, analytics, international development and much more. Here’s a taste of some of the best economics careers that you should consider for 2019 and beyond.


According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for an actuary sits at around  $105,031 per year, putting it well above most other base salaries. Actuaries usually work in the insurance industry, analyzing the probability of risks to develop a better financial strategy for policies.

Data Scientist

Did you know that Glassdoor rated data scientist the best job in America for four years in a row? With an average base pay of around $117,345 per year, excellent job satisfaction ratings and a constantly high number of openings, it makes perfect sense.

As a data scientist, you will use your analytical skills to run through large volumes of data and identify trends to obtain insights. This information is extremely important to businesses, as it will influence their decisions moving forward. This puts you in a relatively high position from the get-go, which naturally has many benefits.

Pricing Analyst

Your job as a pricing analyst will be to use market research in conjunction with your own skills to determine the best price for a company’s products or services. While the average base pay for a pricing analyst is around $68,611 per year, it’s much easier to find a career in this sector. This makes it a great starting point for graduates.


Of course, no list of good economics careers would be complete without mentioning the obvious. This is because it still offers an excellent annual base pay of $102,339 on average in addition to being highly rewarding. Tech companies in particular are on the lookout for economists at the moment, leaving many job openings available on a regular basis.

As an economist, you will be able to hone your analytical skills to interpret data and identify trends based on the information you have available. This puts you in an important position in any kind of business – one that is highly esteemed among professionals.

Operations Specialist

As an operations specialist, your job is to help a department or company run more effectively and efficiently. Just like a few of the other above-mentioned careers, this makes use of your analytical skills to identify processes and practices to find areas of improvement. The average base pay for an operations specialist is $52,598 per year.

These are just a fraction of the many rewarding and lucrative careers that you will have available to you as an economics graduate. With high salaries and high demand, now is a better time than ever to hit the books and get to work.

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